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I don't get all the comments that Bowa messed with Kemp's head. He did his job by telling Kemp that he needed to play hard all the time and Kemp agreed. Kemp and Ethier have come across as primadonnas after only a year or two in the majors. In the urban parlance that Kemp is so fond of, he is not all of that... at least not yet. He has big time physical ability but he seems to strut around as a big time star and sometimes skates by on just his raw talent. Ethier also has an attitude, confirmed by one of the reporters who travel with the team, and could use some constructive criticism too. I applaud Bowa and Schafer for trying to coach those guys. I wish they would have done more of it. If the Dodger primadonnas got their feelings hurt, that is just too bad. I don't have a problem with Bowa as bench coach. I just hope Mattingly walks his talk and will get in the face of any players who are dogging it.
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