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Well, that was a well-written take down of a strawman you've called "A/B testing". A/B testing is "empty. It has no feeling, no empathy, and at worst, it's dishonest"? Really? Rubbish. Marketing drones *can* be emotionless, cynical and dishonest. Anyone can. That they use A/B testing is neither here nor there. These naughty marketing drones might use other devilish tricks such as... fancy graphic design! Engaging copy writing! They may even offer a discount! Oh, the horrors colors, words, and savings have wrought on us all. Down with empiricism! Of course, if you have no ideas, no talent, nothing to say, and nothing to offer, then sure, filling the void with A/B testing isn't going to make much difference. However I believe there are lots of interesting, creative people who have more than one good idea. I believe these same people cannot read the minds of every single person who visits their web site, or uses their app. Therefore, I think it's great that these people can test both their ideas, rather than having to make some evidence-free guess and rationalize it after the fact. An A/B test is only as good as your best idea, after all. Ideas still matter! I think the really uncomfortable thing is A/B testing says *you don't know*. I think some people find that hard to get their heads around. I'm smart! I'm about the love, maaan! I'm not a greedy marketing whore! I don't need no stinkin' A/B testin'! Well, if your pride is worth more than the benefits you and your users get from A/B testing, so be it :)
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Jul 20, 2010