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This looks sweet, I always loved Zork and all the old school games back in the day. Have you ever heard of Usurper?? It was my first introduction to an multiplayer rpg. Of course it was way back in the day when BBS's where the thing to do with your 2400 baud modem lol. all text based, only one player could be playing at a time, but it was pretty damn sweet.
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if your having trouble following the links, when you click it, just add www. to the front of it and it will pop up :) Btw, so glad to find this, you are very entertaining Wil, this podcast is just a great thing to find, im glad you do it, and wish more people would take an interest!
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Meh who cares if you guys made illegal moves, its a "show" before anything else and if you had to stop the flow by saying, "oh that -was- a great story, but you cant do that its against the rules" it would have been lame. On the note of the political ad's I use firefox with the ablock plus add-on, and I never see any ad's on youtube videos.. in fact I didn't even know they existed, I've been using this browser set-up for so long lol. Good stuff Will
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Jul 1, 2012