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Rachel Wolf
Driftless, WI
Lover of wild places, blogger, homesteader-in-training, homeschooling mama, & the owner of LüSa Organics. At home in the hills of the Driftless.
Interests: Writing, knitting, mothering, farming, exploring, and living life out loud.
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Just five beds remain for the Autumn Women's Retreat! I don't know if or when I'll host another, so do jump in this October. I'd love to spend the weekend making remedies with you! Details about the retreat follow. A... Continue reading
Posted 4 hours ago at Clean.
This week has been a bit too full for writing, but I thought it would be fun to share this again - quite possibly the most frequently visited post I have ever written. Dig in and make some huge bubbles... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Clean.
Thanks for this! Sounds delicious.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on You-pick organic berries at Clean.
Stick with me for a moment while I explain our backwards celebration habits. On account of my spring birthday and Pete's June birthday, we celebrate Father's Day on Mother's Day and Mother's Day on Father's Day to keep from back-to-back... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Clean.
As most of you know, I create a seasonal subscription box packed with organic body care just four times a year. It's one of my favorite projects, as it's a huge creative outlet for me dreaming up a new collection... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Clean.
My ridiculously sweet neighbors jogged past my house this morning with their kids. And as I watched them lope by - a vision of health and togetherness - an uninvited thought popped into my head: "You're doing it wrong." (Said... Continue reading
Posted Jun 14, 2017 at Clean.
I'd love to talk to you in person some time, Jody! It's funny that two parts of my story (bees and guineas) were linked to your crew. x
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2017 on Drawing out a new line at Clean.
Interesting how such hard times can lead us to a better path. Be well, Rachel!
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2017 on Drawing out a new line at Clean.
Thank you, Valerie. Five years unfolded so quickly that it felt a bit soon to make this switch, and yet we knew it was time.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2017 on Drawing out a new line at Clean.
Our lives are built on the premise that our current self knows what our future self most desires. We constantly set a course for tomorrow, based on the assumptions of our current interests, values, and dreams. There's no other way... Continue reading
Posted Jun 12, 2017 at Clean.
So refreshing to see someone doing it this way! Bravo.
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You've been asking me for years: to create a booklist of my favorite reads on a variety of subjects. Books to inspire the leap into homeschooling or a first foray into herbalism; books to nurture a slow and mindful childhood... Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2017 at Clean.
When my kids were small I put together a packing list for them so that they could pack without much assistance from me. It turned out to be a great way to build independence at an early age, and encourage... Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2017 at Clean.
Oh, thank you. Truly!
Toggle Commented Jun 7, 2017 on Good signs at Clean.
This morning when I woke, instead of having to coerce Charlie off of his bed and outside for a slow and cautious walk up and down the driveway, he stood up and wagged his tail (actual wagging!) when I got... Continue reading
Posted Jun 7, 2017 at Clean.
Hello, Bonnie. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing! How heartbreaking it must have been to walk away leaving everything behind, and what a delight that you have rebuilt your magical collection. I wrote this post back in 2012, but just this spring I felt something pulling me into the very same second hand store again (it's over 4 hours from my home in an area I don't visit often) and I said out loud to myself as I turned my car off of the highway, "Maybe I'll find more Bucks County dishes!" Amazingly, I did. A stack of bowls, a couple more mugs, and enough plates that we can enjoy them everyday now without worry. Thanks again for sharing. Blessings! ~ Rachel
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2017 on Coolest Dishes Ever. at Clean.
I do appreciate it, Jeanne!
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2017 on Forging (and a change of plans) at Clean.
Thank you.
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2017 on Forging (and a change of plans) at Clean.
So hard, Kate. When things happen out of sequence they are that much more difficult.
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2017 on Forging (and a change of plans) at Clean.
Thank you, Valerie. I'm trying to.
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2017 on Forging (and a change of plans) at Clean.
So sweet Lotta. Thank you for a much needed smile!
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2017 on Forging (and a change of plans) at Clean.
Last year was the first time I thought to offer up summer camp to Sage. (I know. He was 13.) Parenting fail, perhaps, or maybe just a different path and a different reality. Regardless, I finally jumped on the bandwagon... Continue reading
Posted Jun 5, 2017 at Clean.
We appreciate it so!
Toggle Commented May 31, 2017 on Put them in water at Clean.
When my kids were small and we were having a hard day, I remember my mom once telling me to "put them in water". And, of course, like so often when I listen to my mother it worked like a... Continue reading
Posted May 31, 2017 at Clean.
When I was a child summer meant inner-tubes in the river, camping in the woods, and campfires beneath the stars. It meant chasing fireflies, picking wildflowers, and catching toads. Summer was endless sunny bike rides, tangled tree branch forts, and... Continue reading
Posted May 30, 2017 at Clean.