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Lyle Underwood
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CSS definitely has problems, few of which are mentioned here. The vertical centering stuff touches on real concerns, many of which are resolved by CSS3 (which will obviously take forever to be adopted). I'm pretty sure you guys are just not good at CSS though. There's a correct way to cascade your CSS that will solve most of your problems. That's what it was designed for. I've looked at SASS before, but CSS is really just so easy already that I haven't had a project where it was actually worth implementing. The main benefit of SASS seems to be that it allows people who don't know how to use CSS correctly to have easier success in styling their pages. I find that the way you have to think about CSS is very different from the you think about a programming / scripting language, and many programmers have difficulty understanding it. SASS is a crutch that let's people work in something that resembles their comfort zone a little more.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2010 on What's Wrong With CSS at Coding Horror
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May 12, 2010