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Oh come on! I know you've been there! 'Fess up! Continue reading
Have you gotten your 2012 calendar up yet? Yes, I know, it's already January 6th and most people do their calendar shopping well before the new year starts in order to be prepared/organized. Well, I'm not most people. You see, I usually have three ways that I go about my... Continue reading
Ok, so I know I said no resolutions. But as I was brushing my teeth this morning, I had an epiphany. (Do you find brushing your teeth to be meditational? Somehow the mundane act of brushing allows my mind to wander to places it may not ordinarily go in the... Continue reading
This is a test of my iPhone to see if I can mobile blog. This is only a test. We now go back to your regularly scheduled blogging. Continue reading
After posting that I wanted to make one last charitable donation run, I was completely unable to accomplish much of anything. Standing on my knee for longer than five minutes turns out to be extremely uncomfortable and not being able to get up and down easily makes it quite difficult... Continue reading
New Year's Eve. A time to look back over the past year's accomplishments and the coming year's optimistic goals. I find myself in a funk as I usually feel around this time of year. I feel discontented with what I've accomplished and a vague feeling of foreboding that I will... Continue reading
It would appear that I finally was able to demystify the TypePad/Vox conundrum and sign into my blog. So it would also appear that I feel the need to post. That being said, I'm still not sure quite what to do with this space. My old blog was devoted to... Continue reading
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Sep 30, 2010