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Lynette Miles
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I enjoyed Shakespeare in school, but I had teachers who were enthusiastic about it and *why* the story behind the plot was so important. R&J, Macbeth, King Lear, and so on - I thoroughly enjoyed them, even when I didn't completely understand everything going on. However, there were plenty of other things i hated SO MUCH. Old man and the sea. IT's an OLD GUY. He is DYING. HE IS NOT THE MESSIAH he's just a dying old man! Scarlet Letter. 50 pages to say I FOUND A BOX. AAAAAARG. I hated them so much that I refused to read them again in college :P Some things are symbols. Some are not. I also hated gatsby, but I suspect it was just because everyone is thoroughly unlikeable to me. I had one teacher that perpetually gave me Cs because I'd present the book as I saw it. It wasn't until I started blowing up my papers with what I considered "Flowers and bullshit" that I started getting decent grades from him. To this day, I get angry when I think about it. Other teachers I had? They loved the perspective (or at least said they did) of "Seriously? Messiah complex maybe, but really? He's a dying old man."
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Jun 16, 2012