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Actually, Dr. Demento's version was recorded before "Pico and Sepulveda" was used in The Forbidden Zone. It (the song) actually dates from 1947 (can't remember original recording artist, though....) And now YOU've stuck me w/the "Fish Heads, fish heads....took them to a movie....didn't have to pay to...get!" earworm! Thanks...thanks a bunch
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Somehow I missed this episode--rarely watching TNG on first runs, I found myself avidly seeking it out over the last decade in syndication. Wonder how this post will warp my viewing, when I finally do see it? BUT that isn't really why I'm posting. Having followed you on Twitter and read the blog for some months now (at the recommendation of the beautiful and terrible Dread Val T.) I recognize that you are a Force to be reckoned with. Neil Gaiman and others are reTweeting the following regarding Spider and Jeanne Robinson; I am hoping that you are of a mind to do the same. RT @hollyblack: RT @docbrite: RT Signal boost for Spider & Jeanne Robinson. Please RT, (via @MikeMarano) These pleas are (sadly) not so uncommon, but's SPIDER AND JEANNE ROBINSON!! How *much* do we collectively owe them, anyway? Just sayin' (and, coincidentally, reread Stardance just yesterday.) Thanks for the space, and your time. Take care.
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Dec 29, 2009