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SyFy has a habit of doing this, so I'm not really surprised anymore. I spent all of my outrage on the shitty way they cancelled Farscape. Not very many of their shows seem to make it past 4 seasons. I recognize that a lot of these shows are expensive to produce, so I'm not really mad at the networks when they fail to bring in the ad dollars they require to be profitable. I am mad at the consumers who seem to watch terrible stuff more than they watch awesome stuff.. and I wish I could figure out a way to divorce revenue from ad dollars in such a way that fans could directly support their favorite series without it being prohibitively expensive. It's one of the reasons I always buy the DVDs of series I really like, regardless of whether I want to watch them again or not. I figure it's the closest I can get to sending my money directly to the show. But I know DVD sales alone are not enough to support a season of a show.
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May 18, 2012