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I've been pretty lucky with my kid. She spent 9 years going to night-school while working to get her GED. She did drop out of college some years later after a quarter, mostly because she'd let things get too far behind, based on the "too hard" thing. Okay, so she's not the sharpest thing on the block -- I didn't have the opportunity to home-school her like I did my granddaughter (who's on the honor roll for the second time, and has been on merit roll every other quarter since she started public school four years ago). Back to my daughter, yeah, she complains now and then, and she's never had a $65K/year job, but she's more or less been in the work force since she was 14 (summer jobs), and she's basically been happy with that. As for people on minimum wage, BTDT. I get the "get off my lawn ya damn kids" gut-reaction, though, and appreciate your apology even though I must have missed the tweet. And you do have a point. Life isn't easy. #getoverit
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Feb 2, 2011