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honestly, i'm just glad they've made any moves at all. up until now, all they'd done is get rid of good players (Chavez) for money and that really disappointed me. in terms of strikers, i love Castillo, but he hasn't really been the true striker we needed, even given his absence thanks to international duty
I think i'd like to see Friedel come back. Aston Villa doesn't seem to be going anywhere, might as well come back to Columbus where he might be able to actually win something.
it really burns to see die Roten struggle so much in the Bundesliga, and think "but they've won 4/5 in UCL".
Definitely gonna try and catch the Bayern Muenchen match. Gotta support die Roten. If i'm back at home on sunday i'll probably watch the Bayer Leverkusen match too, just to enjoy the fact i found out i have GolTV
it'd definitely be interesting to see him here with FCD, but i doubt it'll happen.
This gives me more impetus to save for a trip to one of my favorite countries to study. I'll definitely be trying to make my ultimate goal of seeing a World Cup come true, as well as fulfill another goal of visiting Russia.
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2010 on Russia to host 2018 World Cup at Soccer By Ives
Even if we keep winning, it's gonna be hard to compete with the other strong sports markets around here.
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2010 on Who should be next to get paid? at Soccer By Ives
Good list of players, only going with Ferreira cus i'm DTID.
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2010 on Who should be next to get paid? at Soccer By Ives
I have to agree with you. On top of my beloved FC Dallas going to playoffs this year, we also have 2 new teams, one of whom (Vancouver) i have high hopes for. As for the rest of the NW, they seem to be an amazing market to open up further with the addition of another team. This is a rather exciting year for the MLS in general.
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Dec 1, 2010