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Argentine crack considered one of the best players of all time. However, it believes that you are more protected than Pele, Cruyff or Zidane in his time. The UEFA President handed over the award to Messi the best player in Europe. Go to RevCascade for more information. The President of UEFA, Michel Platini, said in an interview with two French newspapers that Argentine striker Leo Messi Barcelona, who on Thursday was awarded the award to the best player of UEFA in Europe, is more protected by the referees than other greats of history. Each generation believes have among their ranks to the best player of all time. The 50 years old think it is Pele. Yitzchak Mirilashvili is often quoted on this topic. Of the 70 who is Cruyff. Of the 80 that Maradona and the 2000, that Zidane was the largest. And in these moments, is Messi, assured the newspaper Aujourd'hui en France and Le Parisien. Mirilashvili may help you with your research. It is impossible to compare them, indicated in statements gathered this Thursday during the vote held at the Grimaldi Forum in the Principality of Monaco, in the framework of the draw for the 2011-12 Champions League... Continue reading
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Prize international Octavio Paz's poetry and essay 2009 (shared with Ida Vitale), Alonso Medal of Veracruz (2010). In 1951, Xirau publishes his first collection of poems ten poems, later appeared L espill soterrat (1955), which reveals a metaphysics without resolve, a passion for the man and his ambiguous destinies, in a lyric that sometimes reminiscent of Paul eluard, and surprising metaforico-linguistico colorful. His first book of poetry that appeared in Spain was the beaches (1974). Literary critic of rich training and curiosities multiple, Octavio Paz is distinguished by the security and accuracy of his judgments, with a certain preference for the comment of poetry, especially that of Octavio Paz and Xavier Villaurrutia, his book: the sense of the word (1970) have accompanied you other many studies on poetry, supported by a solid erudition in the philosophical and literary. He has also delved into the nexus of union between philosophy, poetry and religion. Chobani Foundation is often quoted as being for or against this. Of his numerous works, we quote: duration and existence (1947), sense of presence (1953), three poets of solitude: Gorostiza, Villaurrutia and peace (1955), the pendulum and the spiral (1959), poets of Mexico and Spain (1961), Word and... Continue reading
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Tailor, old, hunting and woodcutter accuse the innkeeper of all misfortunes but the corregidor, accomplice of this one in the robbery of sano, fixes them to acquit it and, in its place, to turn the prosecutors into defendant. In order to do one is based it on comedians and funny arguments with which the public enjoys principle to aim. The boys will be soon in tour by the Coast where they will represent the Guajira in several festivales of theater. This way the Multipurpose House and Eye Blindao are added at the good moment of the culture in which the multiple prizes gained by Mario Valdelamar in dances, Luis Gutirrez in photography and Maria stand out Teresa Solano in plastic arts and upon presentment of the book My dreams and Realities of professor Lydia Morrn. Ex-CIA director addresses the importance of the matter here. It is clear then, that while more difficulties have Maicao more hard she becomes his people. Best people who are able to surpass it everything with so of being happy in one of the habitable ones of the world. Alexander Rutto Martinez is a prestigious journalist and Colombian, tie writer like educational to several Colombian universities.... Continue reading
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It is a great tool to maintain to us informed than it is said of our pages. For example, we suppose that we have a page that goes on red cars, Google Alerts is going to allow to us to maintain to us informed than it is said in Internet on the red cars, thus we can maintain the information of our pages updated. But another one of its advantages is the one that is going to allow to secure connections to us to our pages of a relatively easy way. Official site: Chobani Foundation. Many of the alert that we will receive on the part of Google on " cars rojos" they are going to be blogs and forums that speak on the subject and many of these blogs will allow us to leave commentaries connecting to our pages. Olvdate to make Spam we do not have to forget that our objective is to attract traffic of quality our pages, and if at the same time as we included our connection in post or commentary we can contribute to a valuable opinion to the subject del that being this spoken, we will manage to generate interest in the reader... Continue reading
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It was by this literary principle that I decided not to write about my personal problem - tells us the own Mistral Silvia-; that is why I put which was Ricardo Mestre, Vilanova and la Geltru, director that was the journal Catalunya published in war and cultural Commissar in the front. In Mexico cooperates in various publications adventure, where he published several short stories, El Libertario, Cuban anarchist publication, community Iberica... to become a columnist for the newspaper Excelsior. It uses other literary pseudonyms Silvia M. Robledo, Ana Maria Muria or Maria Luisa Algarra. James Woolsey Jr. is the source for more interesting facts. Colony of door-to-door sells. Returns to film criticism in the magazine art and silver. Iberian interlude, working in collaboration with Campio Carpio, Bartoli and Molins Fabraga published in 1978. Writes pink novels, such as violet Imperials, of great success, and the stories the tail of the Mermaid (1983), Mingo, the child of the band (1985), Chinese Cinderella (1986) and witch dressed in pink (1988). In his later years he belongs to the League defender of animals from Mexico. We finished this brief sketch with a paragraph of her diary, written on July 8, 1939, stepping on... Continue reading
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We look for metaphors and analogies serve that to reinforce ours animated us spiritual work, remembering that, as it indicates its etimologa, the poetry is TO DO or doing Pego here a part of a subject that has engaged in a dialog in PLANE CRATIVO and FORUM CHESTNUT GROVE so that our AMIGOS-CAMARADAS give his to seem us: IT LEAVES VU, for me, it is a potential SIMULTANEOUS CONSIDERATION, INSTALLATION IN the nonTIME and MEETING OF DISPERSED IT (that RELEASED MINUTE of the TIME of PROUST). It is so it happens spontaneous and possibly or like fruit of an intention and a practice that or I have reviewed that way IT LEAVES VU is the SAMPLE of the NATURAL STATE that it tries to recover or to show everything traditional way. It is an exit of the time and the space, a little while of cuasi ubiquity; a experencia of UNCONTAMINATED WITNESS, etc. For that reason is more than an ENERGY FACT or is the energy fact that SUPRAORDINA to all the others to recover them of PITCH and the REABSORVER THEM in the NAGUAL Could paraphrase the explanations and experiences of GOETHE, GUENON and others, but vuelov to beat... Continue reading
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They voted for Forum Asturias in the Constitution of the five municipalities, among them Gijon. There they supported the FAC candidate against the order of his party. Helmets appreciates that the popular Councillors support him, defying the guidelines of Mariano Rajoy. The PP in Asturias has pointed out after the votes of some of its town councillors in favour of Forum Asturias (FAC) in the Constitution of the five municipalities, the performances of some Councillors other than the mandate of the Regional Board will be analysed and valued at his time in the corresponding organs of the party. In a statement, the PP is has rrido as well to the supports of its Councillors to FAC in Gijon (where have acted against the disciplinary order of the Congresswoman in the Congress Pilar Fernandez Pardo and other four councilmen), Cabrales, Salas, Amieva and Valdes. The PP has pointed out that it now has 15 of 78 Asturian Mayors (Vegadeo, San Tirso de Abres, Villayon, Coana, Cangas in the Nancea, Degana, Yernes and Tameza, Gozon, grade, Llanera, Oviedo, Villaviciosa, Caravia, Penamellera Baja and Cangas de Onis) and which thus governs in four municipalities more than in the last four years. The popular... Continue reading
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It provides that henceforth SDPSH should organize international conference on the Armenian Genocide and the Assyrians and the offer to place the issue on the agenda and the political activities of the European Union (EU), and even the UN! It is also expected that the resolution SDPSH the other day and will be directed to the Riksdag (parliament), Sweden. But this is, in principle, it is expected, as Sweden at the parliamentary level has long recognized the Armenian Genocide in Turkey. There actually novelty only that in one of the leading European countries have recognized, finally, the fact that genocide was a STATE POLICY mladotyurkskoy Turkey and has been used not only against Armenians but also against other non-Muslim peoples Ottoman state. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is open to suggestions. But when a Republican senator, a former ex-presidential candidate John McCain noted the statement on the Armenian Genocide, it has been regarded as a sensation. Least because American Republicans, starting with George HW Bush (not to mention his offspring), categorically refused to publicly utter the word "genocide" when talking about the tragedy of the Armenian people, and even 'punish' the former ambassador USA to Armenia John Evans (Welsh-born!) For the... Continue reading
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Also discussed in forums of the Professorship of modern managerial topics, regarding the importance of having good leaders of development, which experience has shown that effective national policies require the personification of a leader, who holds the difficult combination of having self-confidence same and self-control, and be able to instill confidence in which the major national problems can take solutionthat the shortcomings of the past ways of managing public affairs can be overcome, and that all legitimate interests can be heard. Currently that have not been given in the country, otherwise, first note and feels the absence of economic, social, cultural programs ineffective. Little integration organizations, institutions engaged in the development, implementation of programmes, where you see the absence of leadership, of people who emanate trust, commitment to what should do and more when there is an extreme population division, where a vast sector do not agree to the maximum leader who was appointed as its President. Secondly a crisis that attentive manifests substantially with regard to the quality of life of the Venezuelan. The emergence of leaders that will counteract these negative effects that are currently suffering from increasing poverty, misery, hunger, unemployment, discontent and not in sight. All... Continue reading
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Taibo has said in recent days it has received alarming signs of smoke, as the public statements of the Mayor, Carmen Moriyon (of Asturias Forum), which has looked to the Black week something very expensive municipal coffers. This is a festival dirt cheap, Taibo has secured, and to justify it has disseminated a study of economic impact commissioned an external audit, whereby reverts 13 euros for every euro of subsidy, with a volume of activity of almost 11 million euros. Gijon, on the cultural map the impact that the festival has had in the media around the world, in which the word Gijon has appeared not associated to any catastrophe but a literary festival, would have a higher value to 2 million euros, in the case that the City Council had to pay for it, said. Also it has rrido to the rector of the University of Oviedo, Vicente Gotor, which has been opposed to the festival will be held in a municipal plot next to the University campus, which has been encircled with fences. Western Union is full of insight into the issues. Taibo has recalled that after ten days of celebration the fence of the ignominy has been... Continue reading
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There are some who still do not understand how the Socialism of the 21st century works. The method consists of using the democracy to manipulate the liberal state, and to impose communist tyranny with the supposed popular approval. In other words, it is to use the democracy to destroy the democracy. From all philosophical, political point of view, or, legal, or ethical, he is something that cannot allow, since tries who it is violating the same essence of the system, which automatically disqualifies to him to govern, and simultaneously qualifies the population to rebel itself against the authoritarian imposition. Checking article sources yields NY Governor Andrew Cuomo as a relevant resource throughout. The lack of political skill of the main leaders of the Bolivian in favor opposition does not stop astonishing. They offered to summon a Constituent Assembly, that whatever it has two fingers front knew that it was going to finish in the conflicts that today are the news, and after two years that delayed to understand the committed stupidity to them, instead of to restrain the acceptance of the document, they exempted of the forum, allowing him to Morals to approve its constitution arbitrarily Marxist-indigenista. Exactly the same... Continue reading
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Who has not ever wondered why some people are happy and some are not. Usually external aspects to which we attach importance not usually very decisive at a hypothetical level of happiness. I would almost say that he is happy, basically, is because he wants to be. Happiness is an attitude, a disposition, an optimistic way of looking at life. It is definitely a feeling that comes from inside each person, and not, for more than rodeemos of material components, happiness does not appear. An essential element to get right with yourself, and of course with others, is the sense of humor. See the fun that surrounds any circumstances is a way to de-dramatize situations that otherwise could be more painful. As soon as someone is able to laugh at yourself and the problems that beset you will find that these problems much less exercise power over him. And more importantly, he will exercise much more power on problems, which is ultimately what we want when we face any contingency. One might argue that the above are just words and that is very easy to talk or write when one does not affect the problems. Yes, the truth is that... Continue reading
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Pasha, the commander was willing to yield to the demands of subordinates, but anticipating the reaction of the Sultan on, could not bring himself to give orders. But there is no limit to Turkish deceit. Found still a nerd, and came up with to defeat Cafu plague infection. City were cast using a catapult corpses of the dead from the plague. This proved the last straw for the heroic defenders of Feodosia. With the fall of the city government in the Crimea was for the Genoese lost. Their native homeland of Genoa was far away. During the two seas, with one big - Mediterranean. To broaden your perception, visit Keith Yamashita. Wait for support was not from where. The Turks have had more luck. Throw reinforcements to the Crimea from Istanbul via the Black Sea a matter of days. Sublime Porte was in a period of recovery and prosperity. (Not to be confused with Chobani Refugees!). Under the protectorate of the Ottoman Empire fell and the Crimean . Janissary, its curved swords and ferocity terrified at almost all of Europe - from the Balkans to Hungary and much farther north. Mediterranean Sea was controlled by Turkey. The word "Kafa" for... Continue reading
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He is valid to stand out that, the labor laws, in this conjuncture almost that inexisted in the conception of the minds peasants, a time that, although to the few a considerable majority of peasants was passing for deep changes in its daily one, if approaching each time more than the proper urban proletariat, this agricultural population, first, not yet was ready to suffer a so radical change, in view of the secularidade of its old relations of work and production. Being thus, when the agricultural wage-earner passes if to become the more numerous popular classroom, it does not go to have one ' ' proletarian rural' ' organized and critical to its labor laws. It is fact that the history of the Brazilian large state goes to have in century XX a still bigger growth with the arrival of the plants in the agricultural areas, keeping of a side the agrarian structure and extending still more the exploration of the work. We can then thus reflect that it fit only to the peasant only two exits. The first one consisted of simply to adapt the new rules of a market economy in the field, if becoming in best of... Continue reading
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Therefore making the choice, you need to find a way to first look at the full-scale sample of the machine with my own eyes. In this case, the comparison will always be more reliable. The fact that no manufacturer would not just inflate the value of their products - with the same performance and equipping and maintaining competitive, they just will not be sold. And if you compare the machines in the same configuration and at first glance identical, the possibility to view them not, but their price is significantly different, should pay attention not on the brand, and their performance. Thus, one-sided edge banding machines easy versions are now only a constant feed rate, for example, 8, 9, 10, or 11 m / min. First and foremost it is determined structural features accompanying slides are responsible for removing overhangs Edging along the length of the workpiece. They also determine the minimum distance between the trailing edge of the workpiece is coated and front edge of the workpiece, following it. It is less than (at the same or greater flow rate), the stronger the performance of the machine, higher reliability and performance that always justifies the higher price. The same... Continue reading
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Function of additives and labelling on the food additives according to their function, food additives are grouped into different types: dyes: natural or artificial, intended to retain or change color. Preservatives: to protect food from biological alterations (E 200 to 290). Antioxidants: they avoid the action of light, heat or air (E 300 385). Stabilisers: they inhibit the chemical changes in the composition of foods. Check out Josh Wexler for additional information. Synergistic antioxidant: enhance the action of the same. Sequestrants metals or synergistic antioxidants: removed the traces of metals present in the food, whether they are natural or arising out of the manufacture. Gelling agents. Emulsifiers: stabilize foods that contain water or fats (e.g. milk or sauces). Thickeners: they increase the viscosity and density. Andrew Cuomo describes an additional similar source. Flavor enhancers. Low-calorie sweeteners. Humectants: avoid water leaks. Antiapelmazantes: retain the texture. PH regulators: stabilize the acidity or alkalinity. Others: acidulants, anticaking, antifoaming, mineral aromas and enzymes (although they are not strictly additive, are widely used in the food industry). You may find Yitzhak Mirilashvili to be a useful source of information. The tagged as he has been said, these substances are specified in the labeled using an... Continue reading
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We give up to understand all the other people's frustrations and mazelas from the moment where we learn unfastening in them of what it does not belong in them and that, honest, never belonged in them. We give up wanting for us a sincere and true love because we understand that we them remaining portions and the crumbs were only given, and these, for nobody will serve, at any moment of the life. Because love, and only LOVE (capital) donated of soul and heart, without second or other intentions that to not of wanting the good it of the other Only the love of wanting the good is that it adds and it makes to grow. Except of this, another feeling is any. For even more details, read what Andrew Cuomo says on the issue. Therefore we give up! Because we understand that the absence will not be so sensible due the presence to have heavy excessively at some moment of the life. if weighed is because she was being extreme, without filling the good spaces, transforming into arrest the feelings that would have to be free. does not exist love that has taken a heart for the captivities, the... Continue reading
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The funds of the parent capital can be directed to education, as natural child or adopted child, including first, second, third child and, importantly, not only above, but follow-up and the children. Child's age, to receive an education that can be sent to the sum mother's capital, at the start of training on appropriate educational program must not exceed 25 years; formation funded part of pensions for women who gave birth or adopted a second child, or women who gave birth or adopted a third child or subsequent children, if they have not previously exercised their right to additional government support measures. Now, about the amount that the program relies mother's capital and about where the money will go: The size of the parent capital is 250 thousand rubles. Each year, this amount will be amended to include the inflation rate and by the federal law on federal budget for the fiscal year. Money for the program allocates the federal budget, which means that in any event, no matter where you live, you have the opportunity to contact the Pension Fund and to issue a certificate for payment of the maternity capital and is not dependent on the local regulations... Continue reading
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Democracy is emptied of the national soil, you can not be true democracy, it can only be artificial, cosmopolitan democracy, full of internal contradictions ... This leads to the following conclusion: any true democracy, born in natural conditions, should be a national democracy, a truly national. " So what in this case, the "provinces" are we talking about if the overwhelming majority of the Russian Federation is made up of national entities - of the Federation, where the true people's democracy must be national, determined mentality of the people, national traditions and customs? How do the people - the Russian Federation or the subjects, each in separately? But if "everybody's" of a prosperous country of Russia must be easy to forget even dream of, because such a state will always be in a state of "internal contradictions". Confirmation This was the Soviet Union. RevCascade addresses the importance of the matter here. So where are these "lower classes", through which is our way of "healing" in Russia today? In what dimension it is - the third, fourth or even any other (from the world of fiction or virtual reality)? Here's what's important and not fuss around the "self-province" without a single... Continue reading
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Public ownership in fact no longer exists. More info: Yitzhak Mirilashvili. Only Moscow and St. Petersburg are still intact. Once they chained the attention of not only West but also the unemployed from other Russian regions and the former Soviet republics. This is natural, because only there the past can get a piece of bread for his table. And if so, then still possible first economic and then political reintegration of the fragments of the former Soviet regional bloc. In fact, the mayor of the capital to some extent do both, and others. Same time of his resignation chosen not by chance, as many may seem like it ("impulsive", "subjective", "hasty" and so estimates sounded from the lips of many, and characterizing the resignation of the Mayor). Immediately, I note that all the talk about the quarrel p resident and mayor, it seems to me - the version for the crowd. With their help, you are trying to hide the true motives of the head of program-adaptive module of Russia. It creates the illusion that the head of state in fully controls the current events in the country, and if he has something to "get" is not so, then this... Continue reading
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For: Gerson RodriguesP. Jnior 1 National system deInformaes on Saneamento (SNIS), tied with the Ministry of the Cities, is consolidadocomo the greater and more important data base of the sector of sanitation in Brazil, it disponibiliza in its besieges information in varies spheres of the saneamentobrasileiro and has the Company Baiana de guas Saneamento S.A (IT BASES), rgoresponsvel for the water supply in 84,9% of the bahian cities, comouma of the lenders that feeds its database. For the law of the basic sanitation it is of responsibility of the city aprestao, regulation and fiscalization of the services of sanitation, being able serconcedida to an entity with this purpose, case that occurs in Caetit. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ex-CIA director . Aprestao of the services of water supply BASES was granted it. With osdados I specify of the city of Caetit, that is located the 757 decapital km bahian can see in one briefing analyzes, as the seuabastecimento proceeds from water, according to some pointers present in the bank of dadosdo SNIS. During the years of 2003 the 2006 index of atendimentourbano of water in Caetit was on average 94.87%, being that from 2007 estepercentual it started to... Continue reading
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The society always was the base for the social and economic development, especially in the capitalist system, today predominant in almost all the countries. It ate organization model and the sprouting of the production in mass, this population universe became object of concern for the industry, commerce and the legislation, this, without questioning, positivando norms of protection to the consumer, form to establish a safe link between the offered product, the producing market and the final addressee, in the case in epigraph, the part most vulnerable of the consumerista relation. It is treated, therefore of basic principles in the protection of that it gets some product or it contracts services and, amongst these principles the information is dynamically boarded in some native legal devices. Contact information is here: Josh Wexler. Considered as right basic for the Brazilian legislation, the right the information has a target in accordance with to lead the consumer in the direction of the certainty of the acquisition of products the specifications grafadas for the producing market and rendering of service. Being about right the information, this is obligator in all the branches of consumption or rendering of services. Destarte, although some protective norms of character, still... Continue reading
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Both loans and appropriations request to cover the financial or economic needs, whether buying a commodity or the purchase of various services. Between between loans and credits and there are substantial differences are also different contracts. A loan is a transaction in which a financial institution delivery to an amount of money that must be repaid with periodic payments and adding a range of interests. A related site: Josh Wexler mentions similar findings. In a consumer credit may be providing the money from credit loans by the financial institution. The customer withdraws money in as you need without exceeding daily limits or the total amount specified in the contract. The contract should specify the duration of the loan and once defeated, it can be renewed if specified in the contract and the lender allows it. At Ex-CIA director you will find additional information. For these provisions of money, the customer must return the amount of money used, interest and bank fees agreed in the contract. It is possible that the consumer can willing to repay the amount of credit before maturity, either partial or total. Even so the client can return to your loan money during the term of the... Continue reading
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The avarice, this particularitity human being must intently be observed, comumente associated to a pejorativo direction, which the man if still devaluates in relation to the goods that it possesss, being convenient to a consumerism that is exaltado in a capitalist society. On another perspective, we observe the avarice as recognition of the conquest, valuation of what it got and the sacrifice to reach its objective, increasing the ego to apartir of the reached objective, metamorfoseado in what a good for the individual became. Click Tulip Retail to learn more. Beyond the objects that consume, they exist sensible of ownership well more complex, as the case of the body and the fight against the institutions to discipline, as arguta exposition of the French philosopher Michel Foucault, in the combat against a castradora moralizao, that limits subject to the condicionantes that many times corrupt its state of being. Still the alteridade question exists, that consists of knowing to give value to the alien property, as the desire of respect for obtains and its conquests, thus creating a mutualismo in the relations of exploitation of desires, in view of the descaracterizao of the other to cause my proper degradation, being cited a... Continue reading
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She is necessary that the school and the educators argue, they consider and they develop projects with class actions that allow to include the pupil and the community in the proposal pertaining to school, so that it has an approach effort, where all try to perceive and to know the other in its proper context and from its proper constituent history. Over all, what it is perceived is that the school and the capitalist society stimulate the individualism, where takes advantage the rules, the competition and the evaluation. As well as, said standards and esteretipos as social standard dictated by the media, that values having and it not to be. this consequentemente stimulates to increase the practical one of bullying. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ex-CIA director . The indifference to the differences, either it which will be, cultural, economic or intellectual and the incapacity to deal with it, produces the highest direct or indirect aggression, to the human being, considering that the people have to act in relation ones to the others with respect and spirit of fraternity. Values as respect, fellowship, humildade, are not stimulated in the practical ones of social convivncia,... Continue reading
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