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I'll just note in passing that state suppression of one or two signature communication channels (e.g., blocking Twitter) is a fool's response. Open source revolution, once it grows beyond a few isolated cells, will quite naturally and instinctively route around the damage. I'm not saying that governments _cannot_ suppress coordination of revolt, but doing so will require considerably more thought and effort than playing whack-a-mole.
Two suggestions: Anti-shoulder-surfer Display Option An unobtrusive control on the login screen conveniently located near a corner (ready to be covered by the thumb of the non-typing hand) results in all logins and passwords being displayed in smaller, lower contrast type. 10 Foot Display Option The opposite of the previous option. To facilitate entry of a recovered password on a different device, offer an Large Type password display akin to the large type phone number display in the Mac Address Book app. 1Password on my iPhone and Mac is indispensible. It's now on my must-buy list for the iPad. May you all get rich.
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2010 on 1Password and iPad: Part 1 at Switchers' Blog
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LOVE this exploration of fiddly implementation gotchas. Thanks! I happen to have both Word '08 and Pages '09 open (backward compatibility vs. usability), so I decided to see how they responded to all the nominally invisible Unicode 'separator' glyphs. Pages doesn't respond at all to the inscrutable 'Information Separator' glyphs, but it does interpret 'Line Separator' and 'Paragraph Separator' as whatever iWork apps use internally as LF and New Paragraph. (Too lazy to find that out at the moment.) Word 2008, on the other hand, responds to two of the Information Separators with box or hyphen glyphs, but ignores Line Separator, Paragraph Separator & the other two Information Separator glyphs. BTW… See for converting between Unicode and non-Unicode line break schemes. See for discussion of Information Separators (before ignoring their insufficiently-specified butts forever).
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2010 on The Great Newline Schism at Coding Horror
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