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Hi there, I gather you may flail me in public given the nature of your blog but here goes. I am not a programmer. I have worked in the online industry tho for some time with systems built on SQL using classic ASP (v old now but still working fine!:), VB, VB script, JQuery etc etc but we have 2 challenges: 1. How to quickly upgrade or even transfer to something totally newer and probably different(?) 2. What would you use to build a totally new Twitter-based service that searches and stores tweets and does stuff with the Twitter reg ID @ @ info + fbook friends etc? I gather it would now prob be on MySQL (?) but written in what (for Web + Mobile)? Ruby, Python, PHP, C++,...??! Yeah, I know, pathetic but you see, I'm not a programmer. I have always trusted great programmers & want to work with some more on this project but what sort should I be looking for? (That's why I would love to have a recommendation on the language etc to focus my search). Hope upon hope you can help?? Mac :)
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Nov 21, 2011