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Realize you are not trying to isolate "the fan" as the issue but there is an element of accountability to the fan base to ice a competitive team that routinely competes for a playoff spot (ex. Detroit) and in some years can be labelled as legit Cup contenders. However, to assume mgt teams are not putting their best foot forward to deliver competitive teams is false. The issue with TO in particular (MTL and Clgy have had rec3ent playoff experience) is mgt making untimely and poor decisions. That will not go away for the Leafs as the head decision maker keeps steering the ship in the wrong direction which does not make Toronto a destination of choice for high profile free agents. Additionally, the assets he has overpaid for will bring no franchise type player in this direction in the way of trade. So fans in TZoronto love hockey period as they have a long wait for a competitive team in front of them...
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Do not know how to take this piece..... On one hand I can understand how journalists/fans have an eye of suspicion considering the history of PED in baseball. On the other hand where is the integrity of this piece. In other words where is the evidence that indicated that JB has willingly used PEDS, It is unfortunate when someone is painted with the gulity cloth in the press without evidence as now this individual has to carry on a daily basis the unwarranted cloud hovering over the head. Turn the tables around Mr Cox would you want someone to throw darts at you without fact behind it. Unfortunate use of position.
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2010 on Gotta At Least Ask the Question at The Spin
Is this really a step forward? Certainly the banter sounds +ve directionally but the truth will surface next year. As many have mentioned already it is puzzling why this was not put in place immediately. The league has also missed the boat with the lack of suspension for Cooke....Olympic hockey tourney was amazing. Speed, skill, toughness all that without a fight. Go figure! It is puzzling that the NHL does not wake up and realize what the true audience will tune in and watch. Certainly there is the national interest angle but quality and skill retains and brings in new fans. Finally Bill from Barrie this is not about anything other than protecting the health and well being of the assets that fill seats in arenas. There is no place for actions like Cooke, etc in any league. The same player in the NFL, FIFA, NBA, hurling, whatever would be in huge trouble. Finally will be interesting to see how players behave for the balance of the year because we all know some "loose cannon" is going to take a "Cooke shot" once again demonstrating a complete lack of respect for the other player and that Bill from Barrie is an uncalled for risk that NO hockey player should expect professional or amateur.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on NHL to Crack Down on Head Shots at The Spin
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Mar 10, 2010