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I just watched this show on "Disappeared" on the I.D. Channel and feel the need to comment. This was a very distressing show. I am a complete stranger but my heart goes out to the Fuksa family and I think that Bradyn is alive somewhere in the western states or possibly the Pacific Northwest. I feel that is some very good advice to send non-police missing persons flyers to grain and feed stores, Ranch and Home stores, etc... in the Billings, Montana area. Ranches and farms most certainly hire help and cowhands and keep them off of the books. Also, I would recommend tracing the serial number of the 9mm so to see if it has been pawned, thus finding a possible address. I truly sympathize with the Fuksa family and cannot imagine the agony that they are going through. Myself, I can understand the lure of the country and of the mountains as I too escaped the "rat race" of the big cities for country life. Bradyn, if you are reading this post or traveling through Washington I am asking that you please contact me. I have sent a request to your hi5 website and you can also reach me through facebook. There is nothing to fear, Bro about returning to Kansas. These charges are NOTHING and I doubt there will be any jail time as a first offender. Myself and thousands of others are praying for your safety and for your family's strength. I understand the attraction of the country, mountains, etc... I am a mountain man, fisherman and horseman also. Many of us, including myself wish to AVOID society in general. However your family is extremely worried about your well being. Please call them to let them know that you are OK or contact me online. You can trust me, as I too am a practicing Catholic. Please contact your family or contact me. We all wait for the good news that you are safe. Afterthought, yes this photo does resemble Bradyn, (name spelling notwithstanding)
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2010 on Where is Bradyn Fuksa? at Crime Scene KC
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Nov 29, 2010