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Great post. My home office desk is so cluttered. I may need a bigger desk. That infinite USB cord is a great idea. I could really use that! Thanks for sharing!
Wow, his work is amazing! I came across this post while looking for uniqueipod cases for my friend's birthday gift. I am going to have to look more into his paintings because I just bought a house and I need some art work to hang on the walls and I think his stuff fits my personality perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing.
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Great post. I got my first summons for jury duty last month. To my surprise I was actually picked to be on the jury. The jury selection part was the least exciting and when the brought out the nurse expert witness was the most exciting. The case was settled after 2 days which made me sad because I really wanted to do the deliberation process. I am actually looking forward to the next jury duty summons in 3 years. I think $5 a day is outrageous. I think we should get more money than that. Great post, thanks for sharing.
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Great post. I just had jury duty for the first time last month and I was picked to be on the jury. I was so excited. My case wasn't really exciting tho, it was a car accident case. It started getting interesting when they brought out the nurse expert witness. My trial only lasted 2 days to before it was settled. I really wanted to do the deliberation process. Hopefully next time. If I could be a professional juror I would. I am just sad I have to wait 3 years until the next time I get jury duty.
I have a 2007 maxima and I love it. I had to get a few Nissan parts (nothing major) and now she is running like new. My friends think it is time for me to upgrade but I don't have the heart to.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2012 on 2007 Nissan Maxima at Jerdweeks2's blog
I have been to Vegas and Atlantic City casinos by far are my favorite, especially Revel. I went to Revel a few weeks ago for my friends birthday. I can't wait to go back.
My daughter is obsessed with sequin dresses. She had a dress kind of link the one in the purple one in the first dress for her homecoming last year. She looked so beautiful. I bought it as a surprise for her and I am very happy that she loved it. I think sequins dresses can be worn anywhere! (just in case anyone wants to know where I got her dress)
Great post. I have never heard of Toms Shoes until last weekend. A friend of mine was telling me about them. I think it is great that they give a pair of shoes to a child in need every time someone buys a pair. Ever since I found out about them I have been looking up Toms Shoes retailers, I bought three pairs already. It makes me feel good to help someone!
Great post. My husband is pretty handy and we were thinking about either building a garage or getting a carport. I have been looking at a few carports, and I think that is what we are leaning towards. It would be easier on my husband.
Great post. I just got a steel patio and now all I need is some nice patio furniture. Thanks for sharing!
Great post. I am going to Australia for school for 6 months. I went there thinking I wasn't going to need my car but I was wrong. Getting to class everyday was such a process, so I had to find an overseas car shipping company ( ) to send my car over. I was surprised with how easy it was, I thought it was going to cost me an arm and a leg and take forever to get there but it didn't. I would recommend car shipping to anyone.
Great post. I always thought identity theft could only happen when you buy things online, I never thought someone would want to get into my email. I don't shop online for that reason. In fact, the only things I have ever purchased online was Subaru Forester parts for my husband. I will have to do the 2-step verification, thanks for sharing!
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Great post. I was told I need to work on my brand and since I really don't know much about it I was thinking about hiring a brand management company. My friend reccomended one of the best brand management companies. I believe companies these days are at the mercy of the public.
I love the first and the third dress, I am just not a fan of strapless dresses. I have never been to that site, I will have to check it out. I am always buying dresses online, mostly casual dresses. You can wear them almost anywhere. Here is another site that I buy a lot of my dresses from. Thanks for sharing!
Great post. I live in New Jersey and the last thunderstorm really took its tool on my roof. It is leaking really bad and needless to say, I have to get a new roof. I just don't know what kind of roof to get. I found the best Bucks County roofing company and they suggested a tile roof, but I have been hearing great things about metal roofs and solar roofs. What kind of roof would you suggest for someone that lives in New Jersey? Should I just stick with what the company suggested? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Jul 10, 2012
A really good friend of mine is a boxer and it seems like he is always jumping rope. He has the Cross Gym Revolution Rope also and he loves it. He likes that its a steel cable rope and that it moves quickly. I am not into jumping rope but with all the good things I keep hearing about this jump rope I may have to get into it. Great post!
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I have tons of pictures just sitting in a shoe box and I really want to do something with them. A few of my friends bought a bunch of discount picture frames for my birthday. They are going to come over one night and were gonna decorate the frames and fill them with pictures and help me make a few scrapbooks. I can't believe how excited I am to get started because I have never been all that crafty. I hope it turns out well. Thanks for the great post.
I am so bad with budgeting. I just bought a house a few months ago and I am finding that I pay some of my bills late and even completely forget about a few bills altogether. I really need to start a home budget spreadsheet. I can't keep messing my bills up. I'm going to end up with bad credit. Thank you for the great information.
They sound like pretty good house rental agreements. I especially like that they have to fix what they break because you know things are going to get broken in a frat house.
I know someone with sciatica and she says its really painful. I told her about stretching everyday can make her feel a little better.
I found this great website. Would you still need to get a letter for this? Great article!
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Sep 7, 2011