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Tad MacKie
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Obviously, Muckraker does not know Joe... I do. And, really?? has resorted to name-calling. I guess when the going gets a little bit tough, the nukes come out and the real stripes show through. The harsh reality (for the others) is that Joe Gruters is the best candidate in the field. I worked directly with him and, as a life-time Republican and one who has been sorely disappointed with the establishment GOP, Joe is a breath of fresh air. The diference he was able to effect at the SRQ REC made it the #1 County REC in the state (I tracked the results) and yet, He'll tell you it was us rather than take the credit for himself. I'm convinced Joe will do the same for the RPOF... Vote Joe Gruters on Jan 15. He's the best candidate, by far.
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Dec 30, 2010