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Greetings from Sydney! I AM SO HAPPY there is some new Burrito!!! I wish you would do more, because you are a beacon of light in my world of dickwagons. It sounds corny, but I always feel....I dunno....uplifted and positive after listening to your podcast. Maybe it's just the reassurance that there really is intelligent life on this planet. :) As for your unidentified amusement park sounds, I cannot believe that you couldn't simply search for "Zoltan" and "amusement park"! If you had,you'd have found sites like these: Thank you again for the new Burrito! I want more! Nobody who actually has something interesting to say ever thinks that they do. It's usually the "empty vessels" that are in love with the sound of their own voice that think other people find them fascinating. Cheers, Jo
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Jun 28, 2012