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i think it depends where you are, if you are in a generic environment like google search you are essentially trying to filter all the stuff they have into things you want to know, you are focussed on your search result. On the other hand you can have large result sets of relevant data. the context is already as you wish. A good example of this is something like netflix or film flex in the uk; you want to watch a film of a specific genre but you don't know which one, there are pages of results and you are happy to click next or page 7 and look at the items that are there. I guess the key here is perception of the target you are searching for. On google you put terms in and expect focussed results, you tailor your search terms, use quotes(") and aim to get the stuff you want. On a film site you may want to watch a comedy - you already have the filtered results but you want to browse these to find something maybe you haven't seen but (in my case) check all the stuff that is available and make sure its the best one there. Ultimately its the perception of finite versus infinite, anything over 100's is probably cognitively treated as infinite (it is with me) but when you already perceive the results are focussed then you may be prepared to venture beyond page 1...
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Mar 27, 2012