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No. Lebron James will average about 25ppg, Bosh will average about 19ppg and 11rpg and Wade will trade points for assists. He will average like 20ppg and 12 apg
Too much success for Riley. It covers up his main philosophical flaw which is his belief that the draft is a waste of time. When I think of Dorrell Wright instead of Jameer Nelson, I still cringe. Odom, Butler, Wade, Nelson. Even had Bosh and James hooked up this year in FA, that same Heat team would have still been in the runnning to compete for championship.
Everybody take a deep breath and relax. First of all everything reported is just a rumor just like the rumors we heard about us getting the big 3. They could change again tomorrow or they could come to fruition we'll know the truth soon enough. If DWade does happen to leave, it will be because Pat Riley fumbled. Wade shouldn't be blamed because Pat knew the deal before the season. Pat Riley miscalculated in a few key areas. First of all he didn't make an offer to Amare. Amare wanted to be here but Pat made it clear that Bosh was his first choice. Amare cooled on us after that. The pinch got tighter when Gay and Johnson were swept off the board because Riley never dreamed that second tier players would get max deals. He was confident that even if couldn't get anyone from the big 3, he could still get second tier guys by just over paying for them. But teams took their talented young FA's off the board quick with max deals knowing that that there would be big dollars flying around this year and that they would likely lose them to big dollars. Now the pressure is on because if he doesn't land one of the big three, there is no back up plan. We will have a pocket full of money, a team of backups and a squandered first round pick that we paid to have taken off our hands. I never really expected James, but I felt pretty good about Bosh. Now it seems that Pat may have overplayed his hand. Money was not the key afterall.
That took some humbleness from someone who is mostly an arrogant guy. Apology accepted. The dolphins are infinitely better anyway because now we have the Tuna and Sparano.
I have been a dolfan since before Marino was a dolphin. I watched every big game that he has ever played in as a pro. He was amazing and yet Wade is bigger than he is.
I'm not sure if you 2 supporters of criticizing players as a moral responsibility have been reading this blog but its been criticism of every player from Wade to Spoelstra since November. We all know that this team is outclassed against the Celtics. What possible good could come from your observations that Wade took one bad shot when in fact he kept us in the game in the first place? Its just old and tired and serves no purpose at this point. You think that Pat Riley would have thought this team was good had it not been for your criticism? We get it. Everybody gets it. Sometimes it seems like people have nothing to offer but criticism even when we win. Lets just back these guys up now as they get ready to play for there lives tonite. Go Heat!
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All that this article did was prove that Ted Ginn is a person. God forbid.
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First of all, lame article. What do you expect him to do? Smile and say 'god-bless'? Media insults hurt the player and his family. To feign ignorance is just a cop out. Well your personal 2 year campaign to turn the hearts and minds against Tedd Ginn and family has finally been realized. And no this wasn't about just wanting the dolphins to get better, this was a personal grudge against Tedd Ginn that everybody saw in your writing. What a proud moment this must be for you! Make sure that your heart has been right. Because in the paraphrased words of T-Pain 'everything you send out homie you gone to make back'
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I think that the grades are close although I do agree that Carlos deserves a higher grade. I basically had zero expectations for him and he has been surprisingly solid. Dorrel should get a higher grade and Udonis has contributd more from the bench than at any point in his career so I thought that he deserved a high grade. I think that Beasley is one of the rare top 5 picks who had to play next to an NBA giant, so his development and role are rather strange. On a losing team Beasley would have already been averaging 20-10 but here playing second chair and having the ball taken from him instead of giving it to him has slowed down his growth a lot. Dequan...geez. James Jones has been a disapointemnt. I expected bigger things. Overall I think that we are about where we should be at this point in the season. I believe that we have Eastern conference finals talent right now, I just wonder if we have an Eastern conference finals coach or consistency.
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Patrick Turner not starting because he simply isn't good enough yet to crack a good lineup. Davone Bess is better than he is, Camarillo just had a hundred yard game and runs much better routes than Turner does, Hartline is a young phenom. Ginn gives us a much better deep threat than Patrick. Turner is a solid reciever on a team where the receivers around him are all good at something. Do you a play a guy just because he is 2 inches taller and weighs 15 pounds more?
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Wade has as much help as Lebron does. If he came into this season under conditioned then that is crap. How do you walk into a contract year out of shape? Wade is an all star and knows how to prepare, he's basically saying, 'You didn't give me what I want, so to hell with this team and the fans I'm going to sit and pretend to care'. He won't diss his help because he definetly doesn't want a lockerroom where he and QR or he and JO aren't getting along. Its so much easier to diss the young guy(Beas) But it is insulting as a fan to see your Franchise player come in with questionable conditioning attempting to point at other people and say that they need to step up. Wade knows better. This is not a mistake.
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Brian Hartline is the truth!
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Matt- Absolutely correct in your assertion that Shula stayed loyal to guys that he shouldn't have. You remember correctly, Olivaddoti was terrible. And after several years of terrible defensive performances he was retained. That decision in itself hurt Shula as bad as anything that he ever did as a coach. That drubbing in Jacksonville still kinda hurts when I think about it. It was the worst beating that I have ever witnessed the dolphins take. At first I was excited about JJ, but the way that JJ sprinted out the door after that changed the way that I viewed him. Its hard to respect guys who cut and run. And Wanny was by far the worst personel man that my eyes have seen. Jamar Fletcher?? undersized? 4.65?? Jamar Fletcher?? I couldn't believe it!!
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I like the T-Mac idea. And yes, why wouldn't Spo run PnRolls for Beasley. I have supported Spo all season but I'm starting to wonder if understands what he has in Beasley.
Good luck Nix. Your decision is confounding, but yours to make or screw up. The U train will arrive as scheduled.
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Sometimes I think that people believe that its the rule that rookies should look like pro bowlers just because some rookies can come out and dominate from day 1. Those guys are exceptions. The rule is that it usually takes 2-3 years to truly develop into an NFL starter. The core of this team is still young. We played one of the toughest schedules in the NFL and pretty much will arrive at about where we expected. That with 5 or 6 players down. We're fine.
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I am thankful that I am healthy and for my family. And Greg, I've been reading your stuff for years....Thanks for your prespective. Like it or not it is thought provoking.
There is no conspiracy to keep Beasley off the floor by Spo. Remember he was the coach who drafted him. Nothing would make him look like a genius quicker than starting his draft pick and having him shine. Beasley just isn't developed enough yet. He finally earned his way into the starting lineup and now he'll have to earn his spot in the 4th qtr crunch. Does anybody think that Riles had D Wade on the floor as a rookie just so that he could develop? Hell no he was on the floor because he proved that he deserved to be there. Straight up, Beasley hasn't earned it. And if his ego can't handle the trial of fair competition then he never had the heart to be elite despite having the ability. He needs to stop all that damn smiling and put his man face on.
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...Or maybe DWade doesn't want to play with the answer.
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Have to agree with earlier poster. Why pay For QR when we have Dorrell, Cook and Jones already? We have the potential to sign a player who is instantly good for 15+ a night for the same amount in a position we need and Pat decides to pass. Thats just Pat being Pat. Sometimes he's brilliant and sometimes he outthinks himself.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2009 on The Answer? No Thanks. at Heat Check
I'm one of those guys who thinks that the dogfighting thing was made into more than it should have been. We should sign Vick for a year. Michael Vick was made for the Wildcat not the prostyle offense. We could be the team to get the most out of a repentent Vick. If he comes cheap we should sign him before anyone else. The worst that could happen is that his time in jail has slowed him to the point of no use, so we cut him. The best thing that could happen is that Vick returns close to his old form and makes the Wildcat really dangerous and still displays starting qb ability. Now we've got 3 starting qb's on the roster and that means trades for draft picks. Its stupid to pass on him because PETA thinks that he should suffer for the rest of his life. F*** PETA! He's served his time.
I like our recieving corp and see no reason to waste a 1 or 2 on the position. We have good hands (Camarillo and Bess) and we have deep speed (Ginn). All threee receivers will be better with another year of playing with noodle arm. Get a QB with a cannon and Ginn can win over the fans. These 13 yard outs are for guys like Camarillo, not Ginn.
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Good luck Bryce! Welcome Lamar Miller!! Welcome Mike James!!
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That old Thug U label is about as useful as an outhouse. It only applies when UM haters have no other way to be critical of the U. Our record has been pretty damned near spotless over the last few years and we graduate as many players as the best school in the ACC so take a flying leap with all that Thug U crap!!
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I wish Rios the best in what is probably the most difficult stretch for him in his young life. At least his family has his back.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2009 on Suspended Rios adds arrest to resume at Eye on the U
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