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Interesting change in the precision of the numbers shown. If there was consistency if only showing 1 digit after the decimal, last year's audience would be shown as 13.5 million. Lucky for NBC, last year's number goes out to 2 decimal places so it's CLEAR that this year's number is larger. Hooray.
Oh, THAT'S why Jeff Bridges won? Not for a great performance or a solid body of work or ancillary things like that?
Timberlake won Guest Actor in a Comedy, not Supporting Actor (Jon Cryer won that).
Modern Family won at the WGA (Best New Series)
Are the number of incidents the actual number of incidents, or the number of dogs displaying that behavior? Is it possible that the "13" for Australian Cattle Dog represents 3 dogs showing aggression 13 times? Or is this definitely 13 different dogs?
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Interesting, and very cool. Would be nice to see Scheider get one last recognition like this.
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Sugarland's Live on the Inside live album IS eligible, and while it seems weird that a live album would get an Album of the Year nomination, Unplugged stuff did pretty well 15 years ago. Still, darkhorse in the top categories.
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Or like Dan Akroyd in Driving Miss Daisy!
Really, he won because Hollywood wanted to forgive him? Not because it was "the movie about the holocaust from that year"?
Looks like Kevin Kline could join the club next week if he wins for Cyrano. Since it's not an HBO film, I'm betting not.
I hope Miley Cyrus performs and Twilight wins everything!
With the elimination of the performance in a musical or variety program, won't Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart end up here?