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Maida Parkinson
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My oldest (8) is already asking for her own laptop so she can play, and my youngest (3) has a tendency to control Daddy's characters when he gets up from his seat for anything... lol
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I agree with ShawnaRM up there... it's a toss-up for me between the Monk and the Barb, though my Demon Hunter is proving pretty fun as well. Witch Hunter is... eh, until about lvl 24-25, and I still haven't played with the wizard yet, but some co-op friends of mine have, and it seems to be a slow starter as well.
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My hubby and I are separated geographically due to military requirements, and games like this are what we do "together" each night when we can't be together. It's a digital "date" and "Mom and Dad time" all in one. :)
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May 21, 2012