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So why in the world -- outside of a disability -- would I want to extend the creaky, rickety old bridge of voice communication to controlling my computer? Isn't there a better way? Just because you can't imagine the benefits doesn't mean they don't exist. Of course, only an idiot would argue that voice recognition will ever replace other methods of human-computer interaction. When we say that Voice Recognition would be useful, we don't mean that it is useful for everything. But there are plenty of scenarious where traditional forms of computer interaction just aren't appropriate. Sure, desktop spreadsheets are easier to mouse / keyboard. They're designed that way. But when we're doing something else with our hands it would be really useful to have machines do what we tell them. Wouldn't it be many times faster to click the toolbar icon with your mouse, or press the keyboard command equivalent What... when you're driving? I don't think so, Jeff.
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Jun 21, 2010