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Michelle, I just had to tell you that this post not only made me laugh and smile it made my day, and really helped pull me out of a heartbreaking depression I have been having a hard time transcending since I had to put my little elderly pug girl Babs to sleep last Tuesday night. She passed here at home in my arms and my vet was wonderful but I had a very teary weekend over her loss. I haven't even been able to write the blog entry for her that I've wanted to because every time I started I got too upset. But I saw this post and it changed the whole tenor of my day and I will be able to do my blog entry today. You have been a happy angel for me today and I'm sending you lots of big hugs and thanks. Your kitties are the BEST! Hugs, Maitri
Hi Michelle, :o) I always want to leave a note here to tell you how much I love your blog but today I just was stopped in my tracks in awe over your gardens -- how beautiful. I moved into a house this winter circa 1970 and there are a lot of wonderful old plantings here but I am getting it cleaned up and spiffed up and adding tons of bulbs, some perennials, and I was tickled to read about your solar lights because I ordered some to put outside, the kind that are round crackly bulbs that keep changing colors. I think they are so beautiful and like that they are solar powered but keep holding back from putting them out because I am completely at a loss as to where to put them. Onwards and upwards dear animal loving friend. I so love to read your blog because I have always been madly in love with cats but I am HIGHLY allergic. Sigh. It's one of those things that seem so unfair. So may people don't like cats and then those of us who love them are allergic. I can walk in someone's house, not know they have cats, not see a cat anywhere but my allergies go wild. So I love living vicariously through all of the wonderful kitty blogs here and your cats are just gorgeous! Thanks for your wonderful blog. It always makes me smile. (And my pugs send their regards to your cats!) Blessings to you! Maitri
Hello! I absolutely LOVE your blog and can't wait to read your books. I am putting you on my blogroll right now! I badly want chickens so you are an inspiration to me! Thanks for this delightful blog! Maitri
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2010 on Gardening With Hens at Dirt By Amy Stewart
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Jun 6, 2010