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Maiya Rose
California Gold Country
America's Meaningful Success Coach. Award-Winning Author. Vision Keeper. Mom to Fab 4. Master Success Circle since 2008. Meaningful Streams of Income series
Interests: Are you ready to create your own multiple, Meaningful Streams of Income? Doing what really makes you smile? Creating true Meaningful Success is more than a "state of mind" - it's where money and meaning collide. It's a state of action -> happy, step-by-step, and proven action. Each episode will take you by the hand -- designed to help you "fuel your soul...and your bank account!" Join me and learn how to turn your great ideas (or glimpses of great ideas :)) into meaningful and profitable products, programs, books, ebooks, ecourses, articles, membership sites and so much more... Click Follow and Join in the Meaningful Success R/evolution! Maiya Rose, America's Meaningful Success Coach
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