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Michelle Majak Johnson
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oh so many memories of growing up! Difference is I grew up in small town where everyone knows you. Now I live in a very large city and know that my child will not have the same luxury but I will try to do those things with him if I can! I also live in a townhouse with no unfortunately my 2 year old does not stay outside with me! I get to play in the sandbox and kiddy pool with him! People always comment on his climbing abilities whether at the park or at home..sometimes you just gotta let them be kids and learn! I definately have more grey hair cause of it but this kid can scamper up a ladder at a park quicker than some kids that are older than him! I think we need to encourage kids to be kids but within reason. I worry about predators all the time too! P.S- knocked out front teeth on a stand up wheel of death, cracked chin open on trampoline and cracked my very first helmet clean through "testing" it out (ran into a parked truck!) haha! I healed!
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Jan 20, 2012