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I'm digging both Marvel and DC and a few other non-mainstream authors. I read all of the Bat-books and the GL books and I'm reading Green Arrow too. I dabble in Brightest Day although this whole arc is getting sort of boring for me. By far my favorite DC title is Secret Six though. It doesn't screw around with the rest of the DCU too much and it's almost always bad ass. In the Marvel U I read Secret and New Avengers (the regular Avengers book occasionally) and I still follow Spider-man. Recently I've been checking out Uncanny X-Force and loving it and the new Age of X story line. I also just picked up FF #1 yesterday but I haven't even cracked it yet. The two authors that I follow near religiously are Mark Millar from Kick-Ass to the new Superior about everything he touches gets my nerd rocks off and Johns because it seems like he polishes all the crap right off of everything he touches.
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Mar 24, 2011