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So glad you're coming to Phoenix, Wil! I'm covering the event for DOOM! Magazine and again, and wondered if you might have a few minutes you could set aside to do an interview focusing on Tabletop, gaming with your family, and possibly [redacted]? The Con will have a press room for interviews this year, so it would be a nice, relatively quiet environment. I promise to only take a few minutes of your time. Thanks for considering the idea; I look forward to seeing you! Libbi Rich DOOM! Magazine Pink Raygun
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Something that struck me at Geek Prom was that when the music started people hit the floor, a few in couples, But mostly just people dancing by themselves ... But with the group, at the same time. Strikes me as something that would not happen at any other "prom."
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Wil, the Awesome Hour was just, well, awesome. The 2600 stories really took me back to my youth. I love how you talk about your family; such warmth! I can't express how participating in your Rock Band party made me feel. Somehow, singing AFI in full Victorian costume, with my daughter on bass, and you on drums, with over 300 people cheering us on kinda made my day. Only sorry I had to miss your hour with the amazing/amusing Scalzi. Thanks for helping to make this one of the best cons ever!
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Jun 1, 2010