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mama speak
40ish SAHM, w/2kids in Silicon Valley
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Alix, What you did, the research is what I want people to do; make an informed decision. My concern is more along the lines of what Blue came up with; misinformation. "I read it on the internet, it must be true." is what I'm trying to show people so they can avoid it. The vaccine is not the answer for everyone, that's fine. But I think it's important for people to know where their information is coming from, not just some random blog post. ;-) Thanks for your insight & resources.
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2009 on The Swine Flu Debate at Silicon Valley Moms Blog
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svmom3 is probably right, but JIC try what Amanda said. From day 1 (well ok 4MO) we've always given our whatever we're having. When they were little I'd spice it up for us after cooking, and put theirs in a food processor if necessary. We follow the same rule of having to have a little bit of everything. In our case, if you're two you have two bites of each thing, if you're 4, 4 seems to work pretty well. Both girls will eat EVERYTHING (including things we don't, but I buy for them, cause I know other people really like them). If we have a power struggle then that's fine, don't eat (I have 2 girls & I'm totally paranoid about creating food issues in them) but you don't get anything else. If your lunch comes home from school half eaten, the other half goes in the fridge & that can be your snack later. You get the idea.
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I'm sure they must have conversations in front of you that you can't understand right? Now think about that when they're teenagers; they'll be plotting against you in FRONT of you! (Miss you friday, we had such a blast! Totally need to do it again when you're well.)
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The procedure she was having is known as the "mom job". No matter how thin you are after having a baby your "tummy" and boobs are never the same. Basically it's like you've lost ALL of your muscle tone in both areas. Having had two kids now (and being thinner now than I was prior to both) I can tell you that I can feel (and see) the muscles under the layer of sag, but can't really get rid of it. People magazine did an article on it not so long ago. If you happened to be well endowed prior to having a baby the sag can actually be a real culprit toward back, neck & shoulder pain. I know a couple women (who are thin by anyone's standards) who have had it done and really do look great. In both cases, they did it for a breast reduction mostly, but man if there was any way I could afford it, I'm afraid I'd be right there with them. Some of it is vainity, but a lot of it is because I'd love to be able to wear t-shirts & not be self concious.
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Mine were a pair of cropped Guess jeans (size 7, but really a 5 by today's standard), w/zipers down by the ankles. I finally gave them to Goodwill last year--took me 18 years to let them go. Until I had a baby (3 years ago) I could still squeeze myself into them on occasion. After baby, no way.
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