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DAMMIT LTLF!!! You had me until that last line LOL!!
Heya hobbit - you're right...a "tweak" won't be a small thing. I see your point. And here's the link - again - - you have a life?? LOL!!!!!! Just kidding, mon ami !!
Congrat's again utz !! LakerTom - it looks like the same format as over at the forum, right? yeah - should be good !
Heya hobbit!! This is still a championship core IMO. I can see them "tweaking" the roster, but wholesale change just doesn't make sense. I think this current mess was brought on by lack of execution moreso than lack of talent. To basically gut the team to address our need for a PG or outside shooter will only open up another can of worms. I don't know, hobbit - I'm just sitting here waiting...and wondering.... like everyone else LOL!! BTW - I answered your questions about the RC and gave you the link in another post. Don't know if you saw it... Cyber - Nice uni's - I sure do miss them....sigh....
LOL cyber!!! Thanks for the warning!!! I'm surprised nothing's come down the pike yet....the draft is what? 7 hours away? Strange....
I gotcha LTLF... I guess I just don't like it. (And I know - I'm not alone there LOL!!) I'm worried that all of this is going to mess up our chances of winning NOW. *sigh* Nothing to do but wait and see - and speculate!
LTLF - agreed - it's crazy! I just think losing LO on this team is a big mistake. He does so many things on this team that I think can't be quantified in dollars. I get that it's a business, but I don't understand the thinking of trading big pieces of a championship core for unproven players. Not when you've got a healthy Kobe Bryant who wants and needs to win NOW.
LTLF - Kobe Bryant's are few and far between. Everyone thought that trade was crazy too! Are you saying this particular draft pick will be another Kobe? I just want to understand clearly.
"Dangling" LO for a draft pick is one of the craziest things I've heard so far. Ridiculous. A 2 time champ and reigning 6th Man for an unproven rookie? Oy vey....
lance - just create a FB (or twitter) account under the name of your handle. Then just use it for signing in. That's what I did - real easy.
I remember Billy Mac calling Kobe's 81 point game. He's our "good luck charm" LOL!! He bleeds purple and gold too - it's going to be a pleasure to have him call the games with Stu (instead of Joel - oy vey) - if there are any games that is.....
Thanks for this article MM!! Nothing like a heaping dose of sarcasm to start the day LOL! To be fair though, Lamar's show did provide a lot of insight into the man he is - what with the issues surrounding his father, not to mention how he treats his friends. C'mon MM - it's not all fluff and stupid stuff. I'm ok with these guys pursuing other avenues as long as their play on the court isn't affected. That's where I agree with JonK etc... LA will chew them up and spit them out if next season (whatever there is of it) isn't a success. And in LA we only measure success by rings! I don't think these types of distractions were the reason for this year's failure however. These guys were burned out, injured and just didn't have it in them to continue playing at a high level after the sheer number of games they've been in over the last few years. I feel this year will be a different story, however. There's nothing like a rested, healthy and hungry veteran squad!! Whatever the FO decides regarding trades and/or the draft, I'm good with. They want to win. They know how to win. And I fully expect them to put the Lakers in a position to carry on this tradition. Why would anyone expect anything less?
hobbit - it's not a "blog" - it's a live chat that's always up and running. MagicPhil started it last summer, and many from here (and another blog as well) chat there about the Lakers and any other topic that might come up. It's fun! Some were wishing more people would come over there to chat now and then, and your name came up so I said I'd ask. Most posters on there have NOT "abandoned" this blog or any other. The chat is just more convenient for instant convos - and getting to know each other a little better as well. (Plus we have all the booze and the great music HAHAA!!) The link is - come on by sometime - just make sure to create an account FIRST (it's quick and free) and it's the best way to make sure you get your handle the way you want it. If you just post as a guest and then try later to set up an account, sometimes it won't let you use the same name. Hope you swing by! BTW - everyone is welcome. We don't discriminate. All opinions are voiced and debated. I think the biggest difference is we don't get rude or personal (myself included Troll Man HAHAHAA!!!!)
hobbit - a couple of people on the RC were wondering if you'd consider stopping by once in awhile.... Hope you do!
BWAHAHAHA!!! Well at least one thing's clear - we all now know who the LURKER is over on the RC !! C'mon Troll Man - sign on next time. We can chat and make peace and be friends. You KNOW you want to!
MM!!! HAHAHA!!! I can't believe you put that up there. That was a tongue-in-cheek thing for YOU - not the mailbag!! Oh well.... Thanks for the answers! I hope you're right and Pau playing this summer will help him stay in shape AND get his confidence back. Then again, there might not be a season, so.....
This is GREAT news!!! The greatest news since the Heat lost HAHAHA!!!! _________________ Also, I think these last finals clearly showed the difference b/n Kobe & LBJ. One is a killer. The other is a businessman masquerading as a basketball player. Give me a "healthy" killer w/ sidekicks over the 3 amigos any day of the week. Posted by: hobbitmage | June 15, 2011 at 02:57 PM HOBBIT - GREAT COMMENT!! RFRCOTD worthy IMO.
JonK - plus one on those comments for sure! And again regarding Kobe and The Statement...sigh...Kobe is NOT the team spokesperson. He already talked to and texted the coach. He's more than likely kept in touch with all his teammates. He's under NO obligation to give the media a statement, and he's also under NO obligation to say something so the fans can relax. Jeeze you guys - chill out. Kobe will do whatever he needs to do to make the new situation work. He wants to win rings. He wants to succeed. He's climbing Bill Russell's ladder for god's sake - why would anyone think he'll say or do anything to mess with the team's chemistry? Get real. He'll talk when he's damn good and ready to talk. And NO it wasn't the time at his new foundation event. He kept the focus on the event, right? He'll keep the focus on the team when it's bball time.
MM - I disagree with your take on Kobe's so-called controversial silence on the topic of Mike Brown. Who the hell cares what he says to the media? As someone pointed out, Brown has already stated that the two of them have talked and texted several times. Kobe's probably already talked to all his teammates by now as well. Jeeze - anything to make Kobe look like a spoiled brat, right?
This is just too sad.... My heart goes out to the Horry family.
MM - I heard something about an "altercation" in the Heat locker room after the game last night...any word on what went down? And why were the Heat exec's and Nike in there with princess's agent, etc? That's more interesting to me than Vegas oddsmakers....
Jon K - good ALWAYS triumphs over evil.
MM - not true. I've posted something at least once every day for the most part. Except for when I was travelling for work and then sick in bed, I was here. You better recognize!!
Here's a great comment by PNG: LeBron James was just traded to the Florida Panthers. He should be wildly sucessful, since in the NHL, there are only 3 periods. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!