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Were the YCDTOTV hosts ever at Nickelodeon events? If not, that might explain why you never got to meet Moose. YCDTOTV was a Canadian production that came out of (I think) the Ottawa area before being picked up by other networks. I certainly recall it being part of my very Canadian upbringing, aired later in the 80s on YTV. It's amazing how vividly I still remember that show.
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I'm a little late to the picnic, but I have a couple places to recommend in Vancouver, other than the VAG, which is pretty great, I must say. There's the Or Gallery, on Hamilton, the Diane Farris Gallery and one of my favourites, the Grunt Gallery. If you like sushi, I recommend Yoshi, 689 Denman Street, which lacks the funky atmosphere of some of the other local sushi places, but concentrates on giving you really excellent, fairly authentic sushi. They don't do cutesy or fusion or whathaveyou, just top-notch Japanese cuisine. I have never been disappointed there and rank it as one of the most delicious eating experiences you can have.
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I don't know if you've ever - DOH, someone beat me to Fine, I shall offer you Centralia, PA, instead ! I am a bit of a fan of ghost towns and stuff.
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This is mainly a comment about the actual article, not this specific post (but I'm already logged in here). I am SO playing the Soylent Green Drinking Game - that sounds fabulous. And sticking with the 70s, why didn't you include Boy and His Dog?! So fabulous - it really is ! It almost makes one yearn for "the Farm". I look forward to an exhaustive list of 80s films. :)
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There's something to be said for how it's done in Canada (which is not to say we have a better political process, but at least our campaigns are short). Here, a term lasts 5 years maximum, but most prime ministers choose to call an election in the 4th year. We generally have a few months of political speculation, as in: could this be a hint that an election call is coming? Then, once the election is actually called, the parties/candidates have about a month in which to get it together and hit the campaign trail. That's it. Then we have one vote and that's it. No primaries, no long-winded campaigns.
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I am in a particularly melancholy mood this evening, full of reminiscences and recollections, both happy and less so. I was thinking about various things, events and people from my childhood. Mine was a good childhood, at least outside of school. My mother stood up for me whenever I needed, or rather, when I let her know I needed help. I was pushed around and bullied by not only my peers, but teachers. Not all the time, but enough that I eventually stopped telling my mother what was happening. I didn't want to relive the humiliation through the retelling. Your story caught me off guard and brought tears to my eyes. I had expected humour and my usual voyeuristic peek into a stranger's life. Instead of relief from my own doldrums, I was given aching catharsis. Not only could I see clearly your experience through your description, but I knew exactly the feelings it created in you as a child and now almost thirty years later. When my friends ask why I read your blog, I don't mention the voyeurism, I tell them it is because your stories resonate with me. This story resonated more than most. Thanks for sharing.
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