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Ahhh Pareto strikes again. I think the dilemma that is created internally, is caused by trying to cater the infrastructure to a small segment of the existing or prospective users. While it is true that some (to stay with Pareto we'll call it 20%) of the customers/prospects are concerned about I/O and transparent storage views; the majority are simply in it for the "just make it work" results. So spinning off of what Chuck said, the "Insurance that the SLA was wrong approach" is closer to how I'm having to position this product today. Users of the platform won't question much unless performance is being affected. The situation that I wouldn't want to get into is, a poorly performing DB server or App server that is analyzed to be running on "tiered" storage for what (at that point at least) will be considered the financial benefit of the service provider and nothing more. I/O latency matched with perceived storage design failures would be akin to discovering (after years of living in it) that your house was completely wired incorrectly. When things were working, you were fine, but once that discovery is made, you hate the house and subsequently the builder. In the SP world that is known as churn. Not sure I have a clear answer...although a premium offered to customers for guaranteed I/O might be a way to appease the more demanding customer and yet still let the entire infrastructure reap the rewards of tiered storage. Keep blogging...conversations like these will advance the product sets and offerings much faster than designing in a one company box. -Andrew
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Mar 5, 2010
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