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"we're talking about "agreeing that this Jesus fellow is literally the son of a for-real deity"." and I'm telling you that that is an utter waste of time because whether there is a god or not, or if Jesus is the legit son of god or not, can never be known
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nice article! Pascal's Wager is idolatry, it uses a supposedly "clever" bit of logic to validate someone's faith, and when you use a thing to prop up your faith, that thing can become just as important as god is to justify your faith, in fact, some people seem to *only* commit idolatry when it comes to their religion, as they end up *only* using that thing to validate their faith. the idea of not worshipping false gods, isn't only supposed to stop you from worshipping some other god completely, but to also stop your from making up your own version of the god you already believe in, and Pascal's Wager encourages as person, to "just believe" because of this Wager... if you make up your own version of god, that's still idolatry, it's still a *false* god, as it's not the god that you're supposed to be following, you're following your own made up god! so if you just believe, then what's the point in calling yourself christian? you're supposed to believe in Jesus by *being* a good person, not because you're convinced yourself some silly bet will get you into heaven!! and like you said, having faith has a "cost", but when you end up using things to validate your faith, you tend to neglect actually doing what your religion says to do...
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Feb 15, 2011