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By the way, I loved this paragraph, "He let mostly shitty Kendall Langford sign with another team. AFTER HE FUCKING DRAFTED HIM. Oh, that’s right, Jeff wasn’t running the show then. He’s only around when the BRILLIANT draft picks are made. Like Daniel Thomas, for instance." Daniel Thomas was an inexplicably shitty pick that we had to trade up for when more talented RB's were obviously available later. But we all know how Jeffy likes his players big, slow and injury-prone. Check. Check and Check.
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I know this is an obvious one, but didn't Ireland say just a few weeks back that "Bell was safe" and he was critical as a team leader? (I think it was obvious that he would be released/restructured due to his enormous contract.) And what does Jeff do, by golly... releases him. I think this exactly the kind of thing that Clark, Crowder & Porter were referring to.
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Thank you. The wiki hack made my day, too. I know there isn't much Ireland-love on this site. Had to share it.
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Someone hacked Jeff Ireland's wikipedia page this morning. I knew the finsnation faithful would want to see this, if you haven't already.
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Dec 14, 2011