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Manuel Little
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If DOMA was made an Act of Congress with legal advisors, then the constitutionality of DOMA must be a matter of who the legal advisors were/are. Is it that litigation against a Fed. law is more profitable that litigation defending a Fed. law? I am not a lawyer, but am a scientist, and therefore see that formal scientific peer review will be critical in this debate. I mean that Pres. Obama wrote that homosxual behavior is inherently "immutable" in some people. It will be therefore circular reasoning to explain deviations from that alleged finding. How many MORE citizens and their immigrating "spouses" will civil marriage at the Fed. level include, for distribution of Fed. benefits previously reserved for Motherhood? Other types of couples will also claim discrimination (blood-related, minors, any two roommates who need some extra benefits and tax deductions, polygamists). Where's all that money coming from? Or, is that too practical a matter to be of interest??
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Apr 28, 2011