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San Francisco, California & Milan, Italy
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Four quadrants action! CCTV-like aesthetics. A visual meditation on "the repetitive nature of video game mechanics" (BBK). "The work that I’m currently producing looks at a lot of aspects of what life simulation games actually do, putting you in the position of a God-like figure, all powerful, with the potential to give autonomy to the figures that you’re controlling. In the video that I’m creating, the camera is repeatedly positioned in the corners of rooms, mimicking CCTV surveillance, looking down and observing the family" (Bob-Bicknell Knight) LINK: Bob-Bicknell Knight Continue reading
Se qualcuno nutriva dubbi sul fatto che la guida è diventata un videogioco, il nuovo video condiviso oggi dal patron randiano Elon Musk toglie ogni dubbio: una Tesla Model 3 naviga gli spazi simulacrali della NorCal grazie al pilota automatico di bordo, che dal 2017 sarà disponibile per tutti i... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at LUDOLOGICA
Below are some recent statistics about Italy. I'm interested in sharing raw information that can be used to develop possible narratives, frameworks, and interpretations. The data has been collected from various sources, all official, mostly from EuroStat, Istat, and Info Data/Il Sole 24 Ore. This page is irregularly updated, so... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at MATTEO BITTANTI
Hado is both an augmented reality game and a virtual reality game developed by Japanese startup Meleap that transforms the mystical, new age concept of hado (a free-form energy, popularized by Masaru Emoto) into a game that evokes Dragonball-like fireball shots and Street Fighter combat. The equipment needed is conspicuous. Players wear a) a smartwatch, b) a head-mounted display and c) use a smartphone attached to the goggles. Interestingly, the HMD display works like Google Glass as it lets users see their environment with digital elements projected onto the camera feed. If it sounds convoluted, it is, but that's the... Continue reading
Virtual flaneur Rob H. Dylan aka Robert What continues his exploration of mundane corporate space in the game INFRA. A mix between performance and architectural critique, this is in-game photography documentation at its best. It also indicates a possible way for critics, artists and game developers to engage in a fruitful collaboration. LINK: Robert What Continue reading
British artist Sophie Rogers graduated from Kingston University after completing a degree in Fine Art. A video based artist whose bright, hyper-saturated videos explore manufactured virtual spaces like those evoked in a fairytale or videogames, Rogers creates a world where digital culture is both personified and mocked. She lives and works in London. LINK: Sophie Rogers Continue reading
“An experimental animation using a game engine to forecast a future where our coastal environments fall into the sand as global warming seeps away the land. Creating digital art is often an exercise in finding new methods for using software." (Jason Nelson) Beautiful. It reminds me of Sheldon Brown's Scalable City. LINK: Jason Nelson Continue reading
Kent Sheely's ongoing series gets even more Beckettian with episode 12, set in the world of Mafia 2. LINK: Kent Sheely Continue reading
Andrea Peduzzi segnala "con gusto" il podcast/reportage dedicato al Milano Game Festival, che ha registrato assieme a Andrea Maderna per In coda trovate le interviste al curatore Pietro Righi Riva e alla scenografa Adela Bravo Sauras. Tutto il pacchetto è ascoltabile qui. Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2016 at LUDOLOGICA
GameScenes is conducting a series of interviews with artists, critics, curators, and gallery owners operating in the field of Game Art, as part of an ongoing investigation of the social history of this artworld. Our goal is to document and discuss both the origins and evolution of a phenomenon that changed the way game-based art is being created, experienced, and discussed today. All interviews are in English, unless otherwise indicated. Season Six was developed in collaboration with GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY. VIDEO HUGO ARCIER DAVID BLANDY + LARRY ACHIAMPONG JOSH BRICKER FOCI + LOCI ANITA FONTAINE KENT LAMBERT LES RICHES... Continue reading
Full program here! "Le festival international des Arts Multimédia GAMERZ revient à Aix-en-Provence du 4 au 13 novembre 2016 et propose un parcours d’expositions, entièrement gratuit, pensé comme un espace de liberté, de réflexion et de jeu autour de créations post-modernes. Axé sur les pratiques numériques dans la création contemporaine, le festival proposera une sélection de travaux et d’installations jonglant avec des notions d’univers simulé et des esthétiques issues des nouvelles fabriques numériques. Ce circuit placera sur le devant de la scène des créations qui ne sont actuellement que partiellement archivées et peu diffusées, offrant un panorama de ces nouveaux... Continue reading
I always thought that this would make a killer video game. LINK: Jon Rafman Continue reading
Trovo particolarmente significativo il fatto che il miglior videogioco a supporto di una "tecnologia rivoluzionaria" come PlayStation VR sia l'aggiornamento di uno sparatutto a binario pubblicato esattamente quindici anni fa: Rez. L'originale shooter di Tetsuya Mizuguchi è stato infatti introdotto nel 2011 per Sega Dreamcast e Sony PlayStation e successivamente... Continue reading
Posted Oct 13, 2016 at LUDOLOGICA
19th annual City-Wide Open Studios: "Game On!" October 7–November 10, 2016 Artspace 50 Orange Street New Haven, CT 06510 Check out the games here. "Dubbed "an exhibition the size of a city," Artspace's annual City-Wide Open Studios festival creates platforms for artists and audiences to meet. Over each weekend in October, the geography of the festival changes and four New Haven neighborhoods take a turn at playing the role of host. Hundreds of typically off-limits spaces open—from private studios in artists' homes to shared work spaces in a former Erector Set factory and a historic 200,000 square foot Armory. For... Continue reading
It's really hard to make a parody of something that is already grotesque. LINK: SaveMe Oh Continue reading
Tully Arnot, Grass IRL 2015 Straws, modified solar display stands, light, motion Dimensions variable (originally 6x6x1m) "The work translates a hypercolour, mechanically swaying field of grass – which we might see in a video game or online – into a simple kinetic installation made from two readily available materials. Further, the work reflects on the natural relationship between plants and sunlight, digitising it into a circuit where each 'blade of grass' is powered by an individual solar panel." (Tully Arnot) I'm also in love with Arnot's Lonely Sculpture (2014), "A simple sculpture exploring the effect of social media on human... Continue reading
Anthony Montuori, Harbor Islands, video game, 2016 I cannot think of a game designer that has captured the zeitgeist better than Anthony Montuori. His new game, Harbor Islands, will be installed at the Harbor Islands Welcome Center on the Greenway, in Boston, Ma. Inspired by the arcade classic Asteroids, Harbor Islands is the latest title in a series of "One Liner" games that include such modern classics as Ragz, Into the Void with Yves Klein, The Adventures of Sisyphus, Super Maria and more, all developed with Processing. Boston Magazine describes like this Artist, video game maker, and art handler Anthony... Continue reading
Carlos Monteiro' follow up to the De Chirico's inpired game SURREALISTa is titled IMPRESSIONISTa Water Lillies, a contemplative 3D game that allows the user to explore a painting by Monet,"Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies". In addition to SURREALISTa and IMPRESSIONISTa, Monteiro has also created Sky Blue, an exploration game that allows players to navigate a Wassily Kandinsky's painting with background music of Schoenberg. I can see the Portuguese artist developing an entire portfolio of games based on ISMs. IMPRESSIONISTa can be downloaded here for Mac, PC and Linux. LINK: IMPRESSIONISTa Continue reading
COLL.EO, Intervallo III, 2016 (still frame from installation) Nel mio ultimo articolo per LINK. Idee per la televisione parlo di spettralità videoludica, un tema che ho precedentemente affrontato sia in Orizzonti di Forza. Fenomenologia della guida videoludica sia in EXTRA MILES. Estetica della guida videoludica. In altre parole, parlo di... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2016 at LUDOLOGICA
Il mio terzo articolo sull'estetica dei new media per LINK magazine è ora online. Il tema, anzi temi: ghosts, glitches e gamers. Lo potete leggere qui. Qui trovate invece i precedenti saggi. Qui invece trovate un addendum, intitolato Fenomenologia del Drewatar Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2016 at LUDOLOGICA
My third essay in an ongoing series on the aesthetics of new media for LINK magazine is now available. It focuses on ghosts, glitches, and gamers. You can read it here. [text in Italian] My previous essays are available here. [text in Italian] Here's an addendum (in Italian): "Fenomenologia del... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2016 at MATTEO BITTANTI
I'm delighted to announce that Game Arthritis, an artwork developed in collaboration with IOCOSE, will be exhibited in the upcoming group show GAMES AS ARTS/ARTS AS GAMES at Falmouth University between October 12 - 22 2016. We are in great company: Alan Meades, Amanita Design, David Blandy & Larry Achiampong,... Continue reading
Posted Sep 29, 2016 at MATTEO BITTANTI
GAMES AS ARTS/ARTS AS GAMES @ The Poly 24 Church Street Falmouth, Cornwall, England TR11 3EG United Kingdom Curated by Tanya Krzywinska (The Games Academy) in collaboration with the MetaMakers Games as Arts/Arts as Games is an annual festival organised by The MetaMakers Institute of Falmouth University at the crossroads of games and art. With these series of exhibitions, and the associated programme, the organizers wish to contribute to the discussion about games as art forms. Their goal is to bring the discussion forward and beyond academia, opening it up to the general public. This year’s edition will take place... Continue reading
Titolo: Il manuale scolastico alla prova di Internet Data: venerdì 18 novembre - ore 9.30-13.00 - Ingresso gratuito Sede: Iulm, via Carlo Bo, 1, aula 131 Con: Matteo Bittanti, Franco Bolelli, Giuseppe Ferrari, Paolo Giovannetti, Hermann Grosser, Luca Sossella, Simona Valle, Elisa Vezzosi. Descrizione: partecipano Matteo Bittanti (ludologo), Franco Bolelli... Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2016 at MATTEO BITTANTI