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Beautiful woman, looking even more beautiful glistening with cum. Can't wait!
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2015 on More Jillian Janson - "Facialized 2" at Hard X
Glad to see she's letting Mandingo fuck her ass, but I have to say this. I'm a Mandingo fan, and a fan of IR porn period (please porn girls don't let the stigma of fucking a black man keep you from IR scenes). However, I must admit that Mandingo is one of the most boring sex performers I've ever watched, and his "teaspoon facials" are meaningless. I'd much rather watch her perform with Lexington Steele, or another "black stud" who can blast her face when he's done using her vanilla pussy with his chocolate cock.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2014 on Anikka & Mandingo at Hard X
I love Ava Addams. She's only 32, but has been classified as a "MILF". Maybe she has children, so if that's the case than technically yes she's a MILF. Regardless, she's stunning. I've yet to not shoot a massive cumshot watching her suck and fuck. That's one of my favorite things about porn too. A housewife/cougar in her 40's can start a porn career, just as a man in late 30's or 40's can fuck 18 and 19 year olds on camera. I'm going to porn too once I've had enough of my current profession. 36, and already looking for an escape plan. Porn would be so fulfilling for me. I'm already a "closet pornstar" so why not express myself sexually on camera and get paid for it? ;)
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2014 on Ava Addams in "Prime MILF" at Hard X
It'd be nice to think that a young girl getting into the Adult Film Industry would have the kind of lasting power to be around for 10 or more years. Be an icon of the Industry like Ginger Lynn, Jenna Jameson, or even more recently Lisa Ann. However, the reality is that the "window of opportunity" for success and stardom in Porn is extremely short. There are more girls like Keri Sable and Jessie Rogers than even a Jada Stevens, so as a performer you need to put yourself out there and make a name for yourself right away. Girls waiting to do Anal, Interracial, DP scenes, etc. are just a marketing ploy to negotiate more money for their performances. I get that, and as long as we continue to make such a big deal about "Riley Reid's first DP" (and yes that would be a big deal to me and many others) then these girls won't do everything on camera unless "compensated properly" to do so. My feeling though if I was a HardX or any of the other Major Porn Studios would be this: "If you're not willing to do this, then we'll find someone who will". In other words, girls like Jada Stevens are much more in demand due to their willingness to do anything on camera, whereas a Riley Reid won't be getting a call for "Anal this" or "Gangbang that" because she hasn't and won't. It goes both ways. Therefore, a girl like Zoey Monroe gets a call from HardX to do this scene because she's willing to do Double Anal. Yes most of us would rather see Riley Reid do a scene like this, but we still should be satisfied because there's girls like Zoey Monroe who are willing to do any nasty thing on camera and get us off whereas Riley won't. At some point too, we'll stop watching girls like Riley Reid because we can only count on watching her perform the same boring sex acts over and over again.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2014 on Zoey Monroe 1st Double Anal at Hard X
Fantastic movie, and I'm glad to see Mason continue getting these gorgeous girls to push the limit and participate in hardcore gonzo scenes. Speaking of that, it's not a matter of if but when Mason will Direct Riley Reid's first anal and first dp scenes. Why not just give her a "feature film" like you have for Maddy O'ReilLy and Remy LaCroix before her. "Riley" would be an AVN Award Winner if Riley Reid performed in every scene, and had no limitations to what she would do on camera. Anal, DP, DA, DVA, etc. I've seen her shoot IR Blowbangs for other sites, so why not an Interracial Gangbang too? Make it happen Mason!
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2014 on "Facialized" DVD Release at Hard X
I agree with your comment. Elegant Angel has the opportunity to return to it's glory, and with this release it could be the start of an amazing 2014 year for them. Remy 3 is an absolute must, as is a feature for Riley Reid or a collaboration film with Remy Lacroix ("Riley & Remy" or "Remy & Riley" would be a hot title to showcase two of my favorite Porn Starlets!). I'd love you to shoot Riley Reid's first Anal and DP scene too. "Gangbanged 7" with her on the cover would be an early candidate for the 2015 AVN Best Feature Film and would almost certainly win the 2015 AVN for Best Gangbang Film! Regardless of the losses you've suffered (Mason hurts the most, and is one of my personal favorite Directors), you can persevere with all the talented ladies you continue to shoot with. While I'm asking, Massive Facials 7 should be made as well (some fresh faced talent like AJ Applegate and Brooklyn Chase would be perfect).
Awesome choice! I'd love to see Remy LaCroix (she had mentioned that she still had some scenes coming out even though she's now retired), Riley Reid (would be her first Anal and DP), and Jessie Rogers (also her first DP) be a part of this too.
Definitely, let's keep the "Remy LaCroix lovefest" going! She should be in every Elegant Angel release she's so gorgeous! I'd love Riley Reid, Samantha Saint, Adrianna Luna, and Molly Bennett to join her!
I forgot to mention the fee itself. In the example above, I was thinking $5 a month, but you could make it even $10 or $15 a month. That's what my thought process was too in regards to charging $1.99 for an individual scene. $1.99 is better than $0, and I'm sure you'd get quite a few people (myself included) willing to pay an affordable price to watch Riley Reid, Remy LaCroix, and others perform.
I read the reply to my suggestion for "a la carte" porn, and he's right. No matter what you charge (even $.25 a scene), people are going to download the material for free if they can. Which ultimately means this. Accept the fact that people are going to pirate the material you produce, and find another way to make revenue. One idea that comes to mind is something that has been suggested before. Everyone would "opt-in" with their ISP. Pay a monthly "Bit Torrent fee" (for lack of a better word) that acknowledges in writing that you download copyrighted materials, but will not be sued. If even 50 Million people in the U.S. alone did this, there's $250 Million dollars in revenue a month to split up among the movie industry, music industry, and porn industry (just to name a few of the most affected industries due to piracy). Yes you could argue "why would people pay anything", but the reality is that people will pay for "peace of mind". Also, if someone downloads Elegant Angel material (for example), their IP Address and contact information could be forwarded directly to Elegant Angel. They could put together a database of information on those people, and then use that information to advertise. The mindset would be "you're not paying for our material, but maybe you'd be interested in paying for someone else's?" Ultimately one day, everything will be internet-based only, and software will be put into place that cannot be downloaded or shared. If you want to watch Remy Lacroix in DP Fanatic 5, you have to subscribe to to do so. Until that day arrives, and DVD's are no longer sold (most of the porn pirated today is DVD rips that are then shared via Bit Torrent and other File-Sharing sites), piracy isn't going anywhere.
My opinion of this is that there's got to be some middle ground. If the product was more affordable (a la carte porn where you could download individual scenes for $.99- the business model of I-Tunes and Amazon in regards to MP3s; heck even $1.99 a scene) then there would be no need for piracy. You're getting the best quality, 100% guaranteed, virus-free content directly from the Producers themselves, and I have no issue paying for what I specifically want. What I do have an issue with is paying $35 or $40 for a movie where I only care about one or maybe 2 scenes out of 5 or 6. I'm basically "subsidizing" the entire movie with my $35 even though I have no interest in the other girls. Even a service similar to Netflix where you pay $10 or $15 a month with unlimited access to all the porn you want to watch. Of course partnerships would have to be formed with Elegant Angel and other major producers to make this viable. All I'm saying is there's got to be a better way to increase revenue across the board. Sell a movie for $40 and sell 30,000 copies ($1.2 Million), or sell individual scenes from the movie at $1.99 a piece, and sell 10,000,000 scenes ($19.99 Million). And that's just an example. Some of your models (Remy LaCroix just to name my new favorite) could sell $5-$10 Million dollars worth of downloads alone! There's obviously the demand, and you're providing the supply. Just make the supply more affordable. Otherwise people resort to what they have to resort to, and that's usually "free".
Add Jessie Rogers, Riley Reid, and Samantha Saint to my list ;)
Without question, Remy LaCroix! She was born for this. Here's her blog and twitter too:!/remylacroixxx and Please make this happen ;)
Wow! That's about all I can say. Tongue hanging out, and cock bulging in my shorts ;) Both amazingly hot girls, and both have incredible asses. I wouldn't know what to do if they were both in my bed. Okay, my cock would do the talking ;) LOL
Toggle Commented May 21, 2012 on Epic! at Elegant Angel Blog
Oh yeah! I'm updating my blog post about you to include this as I type this. ;) For all you fans of hers (like myself), check out the blog post I wrote about her: Here's my sex blog as well: Can't wait to see your gorgeous ass covered in oil! :)
Looks like an awesome film, and should bring her to the mainstream (for those who didn't already know about her- shame on them too lol). Can't wait for her scene with Lexington Steele, and the DP scene should be incredible too. She's an absolute star in the making (should be Best New Starlet at next year's AVN Awards).
Toggle Commented May 14, 2012 on "Remy" Final Covers! at Elegant Angel Blog
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