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marc in calgary
Interests: Liberty.
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Super cost effective, I thought I was the only one advocating this.. It'll naturally fill all corridors. :)
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Re: burger prices, got it now.. I recall you saying you never speak to managers or owners. Especially to ask for free bread as you're a food reviewer. (example). I wouldn't be blaming the companies selling these as "100% beef" It seems some other sites are saying that because wood fibre isn't soluble to humans, we humans aren't really digesting wood fibre, so it passes, and the 100% beef stays... I know, it's the kind of thing that makes a lawyer laugh with delight. Unsure if I want to know more about this issue.
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I like how you bolded the "owner operated, family friendly place" .. that's important to me too. Is "bolded" the right term? it doesn't sound right to me but... and, "ill shaped" , always a pleasure to see. Factory formed almost always the norm for sub standard. and, Did you tell the owner you thought the hamburger price could be much higher? and this: I don't know if this is serious, I haven't had a franchised burger in a long time. Just didn't expect to read it today, less still in a financial post.
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It's difficult for me to read about a well priced duck meal, and then not think about if for the duration of the day. Tonight, at 5.30 I'll find myself thinking, "well, this isn't duck". The duck has to be almost sub standard for me to not like it, and when it's good, I'm impossible to get along with in a "happy drunk" sort of way. I'm ridiculous, and don't care. That's why you review food & restaurants, and I do not. This restaurant with its military style, come as you are seating is appealing too. There's not enough brick & exposed rafters type venues saved from the last century for restaurants here, I guess there is in Chicago... It's a comforting style that I love, and the lack of 50's movie posters is a welcome relief. $30. ...
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*not real comfortable seeing the recent event in Nevada... which seems to have de escalated this morning, for now.
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So far in this story, media diversion and an islamic connection are all that make sense to me. Hence, the northern route. ... tick tock
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The southern Indian Ocean is roughly the size of the USA, and they're searching for parts belonging to 1 jet. If it was somewhere in this region, I wouldn't be surprised if it took a year, and more luck than I'm accustomed to. I'd be less surprised if it turned up having followed the northern route. ... those 2 stolen passports, the phone call to the pilot just prior to the flight made from a cel phone with a SIM card bought with stolen id. It seems like a few others had a hand in this plot, not just a jilted pilot. My hope is that it doesn't end up in Jerusalem, via fucking Pakistan.
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As one of the two people that (sometimes) reads your reviews, I couldn't help noticing that you didn't order the "Cupcake Riesling", I guess you don't like wine. ok, just kidding. I actually thought that was a novelty wine that was being made for one season with an error in the mixing room leftovers. It's available everywhere. Is it what became of "Black Tower"? Regardless that I live in Calgary Canada and not likely to ever visit NJ, I'm surprised to see they've got locations all over, but not here. "I really don't have to learn a new parlance to order a fucking hamburger, do I?" ... could have been said out loud. Perhaps I read your reviews because you're writing what I'm thinking. and as the gal said, "no problem". heh. and, when whoever brought you the burger, did they give you the command, "enjoy" ? kinda a pet peeve. I think wether I enjoy or not should be a personal decision based upon me getting whatever I asked for, hot's are hot, clean plate, that sort of thing.
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Moosehead is still brewed north of Maine, Canada's largest "independent" brewery since 1867. A very good choice among friends. For westerners up here, it'd be Big Rock Brewery, Honey Brown, possibly easier to find in western states... dunno. and... in the way of progress? really! heh.
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The siege of Sarajevo is worth a read as well.. as close to a modern siege as can be looked at. I recall it mentioning there was about 1 day before the water / natural gas / electricity were cut off. After 8? months, no trees were left standing within a radius of 50 miles of the city. I imagine those living in 30+ level buildings in NYC will have a tale to tell of how they lifted the water (64 lbs a cubic foot? ha! up those 60 flights of stairs in order to get 2 flushes through the toilet, sorry, they'll be about 70 flights including the parkade and mechanical levels that aren't occupied. In the dark. Lighters were treated like silver, and any woman that wanted meat in the refrigerator... well you know where I'm going with that one. It's the left that hasn't got a fucking clue. Even the wiki article can't make it look like roses. This was in a city that was somewhat used to hardships during rule by communist types, how will San Fran cope? They won't. How will Chicago cope? oh please...
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Once again, I'm appalled, but not completely surprised. Your last sentence in this post Pamela.. "some of whom will now have to face a cross-examination by their alleged shooter" ... is madness.
Another day, another terrorist attack on America. Innocents injured and dead. God Bless the work you're doing to open the eyes of the west Pamela... stay safe. When will the rest of the country wake up?
Quite happy that Alanis has gone ahead with her performance in Israel.
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nope, not model 580, it's 390cc and perfect.
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ummm, USA only? ok. That doesn't mean I have to shut up does it? and so, I'm going to answer your queries anyhow! No No Son, yes. Son yes, me no. He seems to be all the rage in the female community actually.. I've had 100% good results from all the appliances I've ever had from Braun, and there's been quite a few, kitchen mostly, including a terrific full size mixer from the early 80's that won't quit. In the past couple of years I've made the switch from Phillips to Braun shavers, it's superior. (model 580). So there, I said it, and I'm not even in the running for this, so it's just got to be true... :)
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So offended that they're going to find alternate methods of air transportation? Or merely offended to the point of the swiss having to change everything with their flag on it? Fight back, in either case.
I had no problems with it loading quickly on my 5 years old Mac, which is something. Didn't try it on the PC. All other windows were closed. It is an interesting layout, I've never seen any other blogs quite like it.
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This is offensive to justice, and this is an offense to the good people of America.
Now I'm hungry. Just look at them, perfect Marta..
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"Rats in the Kitchen: A Parable" "As more and more rats began showing up, their presence became much more noticeable. The man made an effort to understand the rats and their needs. The thought even crossed the man's mind that he and his neighbors, by living in the area, owed it to the rats to try and coexist peacefully. After all weren't they entitled to live on the planet too?" ... to add about 3 more minutes of sense, j j.
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Which passport did he use, to gain entry into Pakistan? .... Has he ever held foreign citizenship?
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I love the accent Marta, I always have... So, it's Easter! yum... ;)
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Those are amazing photos, I can't imagine why I haven't seen these in the msm newspapers. ... it's just total destruction. !
Pamela, The long awaited launch of Sun Tv occurred yesterday, with the first show being Ezra Levant. It was as "in your face" as to be expected, (I wasn't disappointed) and I don't believe anyone else has shown on Tv those terrifying cartoons, until yesterday. You know what I'm talkin' 'bout... He gets to this point at 1.50 in the video... and yes, some in Canada have taken offense.
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