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Pinterest est incroyablement efficace (simple, visuel, ultra viral et apporteur de trafic). On peut sans doute comparer le phénomène à Quora (durera, durera pas?), mais pas vraiment la nature: l'engagement requis pour (re)pinner une photo n'est pas celui requis pour répondre à une question. Ils adressent des besoins, des cibles et des missions différentes. Beaux succès dans les deux cas! Ceci étant interprété sous l'angle, où l'on propose la curation avec engagement :-)
Thanks David and David! @David M: Will be in the audience and try to catch up at SxSW @David W: you should have your invite by now; let me know otherwise and thanks for trying Cheers
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2011 on Content curation at Web Ink Now
Very good post David; you are right to point out that curation is an opportunity to build an audience and that there are many ways to do it (selecting panelists for Futur15, retweeting web content, etc). It's about sharing your "best of"; and, possibly, becoming a trusted source. I think David (Wogahn) is also right to state that the curator doesn't just select and pass, but also adds value in bringing his personal touch, his perspective. I'm from; it's a tools which makes it super easy to create neat media by means of curation (selection from many web sources, edition and sharing). I thought you could be interested; we have passionate people using the tool to express themselves on very specific topics. Allow me to give you a few, very diverse, examples below. And would be happy to meet at SxSW :) Cheers!
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2011 on Content curation at Web Ink Now
@Valeria, To answer your question, I agree that a mere collection of clips is not a good curation (although identifying good content out of the information overload has value, one could claim). The curator selects content, of course, but then can add his personal touch: contextualization, comment, organization, etc. The mission of a good curation tool is to make this easy. Admittedly, some curators are actually just bookmarking. But I believe good curators will emerge and will gain reputation, based on their selection of content and also on their personal style.
Thank you Valeria. Cannot agree more, on both points: curation is a skill (hence, a human commitment, not any type of machine magic) and tools still have a long way to go. We at consider the curator as an Editor in chief. The tool suggests content (by searching the social web) but, upon "scooping" a content, the curator is invited to edit it, to add value to it. At the end of the day, a good tool should make it easy to find relevant content and to organize it in a personal way, but good curations come only from good curators. Please let me know if you are interested to try (we are private beta - early days :)), I'd be delighted to have your feed back, since I believe we agree on the mission :)
Very interesting post! People have been selecting, organizing and sharing information pretty much since information existed. We started to call it curation when we realized that less is more, that it was time to address information overload. As a natual consequence, curation tools of the first generation are filters: their mission is to facilitate the processing of inbound streams of information. Curation tools of the next generation are using curation as a mean of expression: by selecting their "best of the web", by adding context and a personal touch to it, curators engage with their audience, they create outbound, interactive streams of information. So I definitively agree with your statement: "You can indeed curate and transmit news in novel ways". (note: I'm a founder of, a publish-by-curation platform)
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Feb 6, 2011