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Marcia Austin
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I try (and even succeed sometimes) to live my my life by the teachings of two great men. 1) Don't be a dick. 2) Be nice, until it's time to not be nice. I hope you have a Happy birthday Mr. Wheaton. :)
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2012 on Happy Don't Be A Dick Day! at WWdN: In Exile
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If having conversations with your pets is wrong... there's no hope I'll ever be right.
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2012 on in which a suitcase is packed at WWdN: In Exile
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Thank you so much for this recipe! I made it Thursday and we just finished the leftovers tonight. My husband hates tomato soups but I got him to try it by dropping your name. :) I believe his words were "Damn you, Wil Wheaton, for making a great tomato-based soup recipe." On a side note, I went with TJs Rosemary bread. Delicious!
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Oct 23, 2011