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Marcos Garcia
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Joe Rose's Tennis talk drove me nuts!!! I made the switch last year
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How in any earthly way couldnt sid be the best there is and best there ever will be in the S.Florida market? He's from new york! He was on IMUS,he use to do half time shows for the Giants, he has that great nyc accent, and he lives up in Rat Mouth!!!! He's an all around Stand up guy! haha..
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^co sign
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i agree with murph. as soon as i hear "Ok Guys" I pop back in a CD. HaHa..
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Sports Brothers are the weak link in the chain thats on the neck of the monster they call 790.#real talk!!!
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Sid.."If thats really you" If you feel that Miami has the worst fan base. Why dont u get a gig in nyc??? I moved away from miami to go to central florida.I hated it so much I tried every day to get back down here. I was lucky enough to get out of that hell hole. And come back to the 305! Just a thought homie! I do switch over to you on the days there's a Marlin game on the radio. Baseball on the radio is horrible. P.S. Take Dre with you!
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Aug 25, 2011