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Interests: running, tennis, microbrews, parenting, camping, traveling, reading mysteries, espresso, teaching french
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And Trump golfed A LOT!!
Yesterday was lovely! I feel like I should have done more in the yard. I also better get out for my run before your rain moves north. :( Mojo has always been such a character!
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on What a Difference a Day Makes at Kingfisher Cove
He has absolutely NO CLUE what he's doing. Good grief!!
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on Week Twenty-Two at Kingfisher Cove
What an awful person!
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! at Kingfisher Cove
I LOVED spending time with John and you; it is always such a relaxing, and laughter filled time! Thank you both for being such wonderful hosts! Jeebus, another party? After we had just talked about the other one! That owner doesn't deserve to get the new gate code! I adore my Book Club and that it forces me to get out of my comfort zone. I also enjoy and learn from our discussions. :)
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2017 on Book Club! at Kingfisher Cove
WHY is he still in office? I find that as disturbing as the rest.
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2017 on Week Twenty-One at Kingfisher Cove
His hypocrisy astounds me? (and his stupidity of putting it in writing) Even our school administrators are better politicians than that.
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2017 on Wagging the Dog at Kingfisher Cove
History is great, but I want him out of office NOW!!
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2017 on The Truth at Kingfisher Cove
All I can say, is HOLY HELL. This is turning from a shit show into a cluster.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2017 on Week Eighteen at Kingfisher Cove
Jesus H. Christ, this continues to astound me. (and make me want to move to Justin Trudeau's Canada)
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2017 on Week Seventeen at Kingfisher Cove
I wish I could have been there to buy several of your amazing pieces! The people sound super interesting too. :)
Thank you so much for the updates. They are horrifying but essential.
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2017 on Week Fourteen at Kingfisher Cove
He is a real POS. And a dangerous man.
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2017 on WORDS at Kingfisher Cove
Le Pen is nearly as bad as Trump. I never thought we would have someone so FAR RIGHT in the White House. :(
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2017 on Week Thirteen at Kingfisher Cove
Love this! And I am so thankful for Washington State!
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2017 on Nevertheless, She Persisted at Kingfisher Cove
I appreciate you doing this, T, although I continue to be appalled by all of it. And in disbelief!
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2017 on Week Twelve at Kingfisher Cove
Yet DT is the one that most evangelicals support?? Do they understand the depths of their hypocrisy?
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2017 on An Evangelical Comparison at Kingfisher Cove
They will make excuses for him, as always.
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2017 on Murderer-in-Chief at Kingfisher Cove
I speak French. Perhaps they need me in Canada.
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2017 on This. at Kingfisher Cove
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2017 on From the Holocaust Museum at Kingfisher Cove
Todays conservatives are not people I trust at all. I am sick and sad at heart.
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2017 on Week Eleven at Kingfisher Cove
Me too!
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2017 on I’m With Her at Kingfisher Cove
This photo breaks my heart and makes me furious. Man's inhumanity to man.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2017 on Except you. at Kingfisher Cove
I've read that his book is selling out on amazon. For tragic reasons.
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2017 on No Title Needed at Kingfisher Cove