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Interests: running, tennis, microbrews, parenting, camping, traveling, reading mysteries, espresso, teaching french
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What a beautiful weekend and it sounds like the wonderful weather, as well as activities, made it EVEN more hellish to go back to work.
There were still some of the cliques at work, I thought. I didn't feel comfortable chatting to certain people and that was a downer. However, seeing my good friends made up for that! Who did you want to see? I would have liked to see Mary Gerstmann. I didn't expect her to come though. That bathroom is gorgeous!! And I drove the Ford Focus to work today because it was super foggy and it sits lower than my Trailblazer SUV.
I love that Helen and you are "married." LOL We have known each other collectively for a LONG time and I'm thankful. Who in the world said that to you about ebola? There are too many stupid people in this world.
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2014 on 40 Years! at Kingfisher Cove
Love the bathroom AND the starfish. Wow, John is so creative!! The memory books are beautiful. I know you are relieved to have that project behind you!
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2014 on Confusing the Dogs at Kingfisher Cove
It's already looking so much like a home! I LOVE those lighting fixtures; they are perfect. Aren't you glad you didn't just settle for the others? The memory book looks stunning. Work has been rough for me too, but no where in the league of yours. :(
I'm sure I would love the walnut preserves, since I adore walnuts. The table is beautiful, T! I never fight traffic, but coming back from my hair appointment, I got caught in the Fair Hell. It was awful. I replace my batteries every year, but I still haven't had anyone get to my high one, which is TOO high for me. I hate the chirping too.
It looks heavenly--wish I could have made it. I missed quiche too? Wahhh. Beautiful photos and wonderful memories.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2014 on Of Dogs and Friends at Kingfisher Cove
Already one of my 1st period students is suspended for 3 days and 6th period was pretty craptastic today. Ugh, it's going to be a LONG year. Ashley leaves Senegal on the 18th, goes to Paris for a week, then NYC for the weekend before flying back to LA. I would like to be a reading fiend but as you noted, the energy is lacking when there are tons of other things to do. ;(
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2014 on Exhausted at Stargazer
Great times and photos--except for the torrential rain. I got caught out in it on my run; it was miserable. Congrats to Nate and I absolutely LOVE the ring. It's gorgeous and unique.
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2014 on Baby Boy’s Home!! at Kingfisher Cove
It's good, but very chopped up between times and people. I think it's better to read a lot of it in a stretch, which I haven't done. It's starting to come together now on page 100ish. Tomorrow is no kids, just the stress of getting ready. In a way, it's worse dealing with the anticipation than the reality. Sometimes. Lots of red leaves around, already. This seems awfully early!!
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2014 on Fall Thoughts at Stargazer
A beautiful and peaceful evening indeed with no work to go back to for a while. Yay for relaxation and beach walks! Nate has sure got some guns!! I bet you can't wait to get your arms around him and find out all his news. :)
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2014 on Beach Walk! at Kingfisher Cove
Great test for those gutters. I was happy to see Mojo on the beautiful counter; I can't keep Mari off mine, so I've given up. Love the glasses and the gravel really does look like asphalt. In fact, that's what I thought it was from the photos.
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2014 on Bliss at Kingfisher Cove
I can certainly understand why your brain would be dead; you are, as the saying goes, "meeting yourself coming and going." I want you to remember that if the lunch is one more thing on your plate(you better be honest and tell me!), Carol and I can bring down some food for a potluck. I cook everything like bacon with the lid firmly on, then take it off the heat to turn it. Otherwise, as you said, a LONG CLEAN UP. Your work sucks. No other way to put it.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2014 on No Time to Blog! at Kingfisher Cove
I think the way the trees(in your shot) frame the sunset is every bit as expensive. With a kitchen that beautiful, my expectations for lunch have gone up several notches. ;)
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2014 on The Kitchen is 99.9% DONE at Kingfisher Cove
Still hoping for good news about the casino job and also for a relaxing weekend at Harstine. It sounds like you BOTH need it!!
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2014 on Icky Week at Kingfisher Cove
I adore the granite and will expect WONDERFUL meals when I visit...because that kitchen demands them. ;) You do have a plot of paradise there, T and now a beautiful home to retire to. (SOON, I hope!)
I bet you know too much about the goodbyes! It's difficult when it's for such an extended period of time and VERY far away. :( I give both girls a lot of credit for being way more adventurous than I ever was. I hate it though.
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2014 on Saying goodbye at Stargazer
I have to tell you that there are times when I go out in the garage and smell Patt; I'm sure it's from his stuff still out there, the lacquer, the Brut cologne, etc. But it's unmistakable. I HOPE you get this new position, not just for the easier commute or the ability to get rid of the Des Moines house,but because you are at the end of your rope with this horrible pressure cooker job!!
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2014 on Back in Hell. Again. at Kingfisher Cove
Me too! It's pretty miserable right now. The soft paws will make it more manageable because she won't be able to scratch me and draw blood. (like she just did) My crime was feeding her a cat treat because she hadn't yet scratched me this morning-LOL. I do love the cheery colors of the photos and the way it got framed. Perfect reminder of my time in Alaska.
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2014 on Time at Stargazer
Also sage green looks good with many dramatic colors like reds and oranges, as well as midnight blue.
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2014 on This and That at Kingfisher Cove
Good for Helen! I get nauseated in small planes, so it's best that I stick to the big ones. :) Glad to hear that you'll get to see Nate. I'm supposed to be seeing Alison, but she's so busy that it's not happening as much as I want. The house is looking incredible! Can't wait to see it in person.
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2014 on This and That at Kingfisher Cove
Apparently this one isn't that high; it just looks that way to me! The waterbed had been losing water through evaporation, so it was really low. It was super comfy last night--I loved it!(it's way easier to get out of than the waterbed too) However, I woke up a couple of times thinking I was in a hotel room. :) It's a pillow top, in the soft range.
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2014 on August is a butt kicker at Stargazer
I'm glad you're taking the day off! Is the resemblance a sign, maybe? :) I'm hoping for VERY good things from this interview!!(but it does sound like a complicated day)
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2014 on ♪♫ Tomorrow!! ♪♫ at Kingfisher Cove
Hi there--I don't know who you are because my e-mail to you bounced back. Yes, both girls' rooms have single beds, BUT are full of my furniture from the master bedroom, as is the hallway. Alison's room is blocked off by my dresser, although I suppose I could climb in there to get to the bed. (no, thanks, I'm not that agile, especially in the AM)
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2014 on What I don't post on Facebook at Stargazer
 Typepad HTML Email I would be available--just let me know! End of August is tricky with inservice days, but if you decide to call and want me to drive, I can give you dates that are open for me.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2014 on Teary-Eyed at Kingfisher Cove