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Very true, I recently had a lot of trouble simply registering a new user (for a client) on YouTube as it also automatically included a G+ account amongst other things. I was able to remove these later but it is extremely annoying in the least. I love Google and most of it's services but I do not take kindly to being forced into an account I do not need.
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Very cool, I hope to be the geek uncle sometime soon too. Only slightly related, but also pretty amazing thing that happened today when I answered the door (wearing my red Flash t-shirt) to 2 Jehova's witnesses. They were nice guys, not pushy at all and we ended up talking about superhero's and comics because one of the guys recognized the shirt. This was of course after the obligatory jazz about Jezus. P.s. Jazz about Jezus is the name of my Kings of Leon cover band
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Well said, I grew up with DOS and Windows and didn't experience until the mid 0's. Now I use a MacBook, iMac and iPhone daily and with great pleasure. Sure they cost a pretty penny but I've never seen notebooks stand the test of time like my aging MacBook. Apple affection aside; Steve and the Woz really made the digital revolution possible and too few people truly realize that. Like I said on the Twitters: Thank you Steve Jobs for letting us live in the future. The world has lost a great person, much too soon
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I've pledged and gone and blogged about the project trying to get just a bit more awareness out there. Thank you Wil for pointing us towards this project!
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Apr 26, 2011