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Wow, I cannot believe this. You have reached the same conclusions as I had about who Deborah Barrows was. Fortunately, for me you have more documentation than I do. I thought Deborah had remarried to Joseph Bucklin but I had confused the records for his first wife with those of Deborah (Pratt?) Barrows. Your estimates of Deborah's age etc match mine but you have a little more documentation--I did not have Ebenezer's birth record. I am actually researching the William and Mary Slack family of Attleboro MA and had been investigating the Barrows family because John Slack, son of Wm & Mary, gave Joshua Barrows a half acre of land in Attleboro in 172?. Because people don't usually go around giving strangers land, I assumed that they must be related. Since I did not know Mary's maiden name, I thought she might be related to the Barrows. My theory is that Mary is the daughter of Benajah and Persis (Dunham) Pratt so she would have been Deborah's niece and Joshua Barrows would have been her cousin. Again, I can't believe this. Marion
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Jul 24, 2011