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Oh, how lovely! I think pangolins are among the most beautiful, strange and delightful creatures. The little guy is so cute, and mama is too. Congratulations to Taipei Zoo, and good job caring for this adorable new family.
Toggle Commented Apr 7, 2016 on Taipei Zoo Welcomes New Pangolin at ZooBorns
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About Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, I am sure they beg for money from supporters, either for political campaigns or other projects. But I do not recall any instances of either of them, or any other leftish activist/political figure, selling the mailing lists of their supporters to "One Weird Trick to Beat Cancer!" and "Fabulous Investment Opportunity the IRS Hates!" hucksters. All activists and politicians ask for financial support from likeminded others. I don't really see that as grifting or scamming. It's the monetizing of their supporters that makes me see the right-wingers as scam artists.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2015 on The conservative grifter problem at Obsidian Wings
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I'm lucky, in that all the places I've ever spent much time in away from home (Japan, France, Italy) have cuisines I adore. But if I'm away from New York City long enough, I start to yearn for old-time Jewish deli food - pastrami, half-sour pickles, lox and cream cheese.
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Jesus Christ on a freaking motorcycle - Murray actually says: "The average male employed in a working-class occupation earned as much in 2010 as he did in 1960." Take a moment to appreciate the horrific, mendacious idiocy of this!!! I don't mean to yell, but DOES MURRAY, DISGUSTING A-HOLE THAT HE IS, REALIZE THAT THE COST OF LIVING (especially housing and medical care, but also clothing, child care, food and education) HAS INCREASED BY FREAKING ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE SINCE 1960?" Yeah. At my middle-class white-collar job, I am still making the same salary I made 7 years ago. Wanna guess whether or not my expenses have gone up in that time? Aha. Thought not. Sorry. Just couldn't help myself.