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Marissa Moore
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Okay, i'm so glad I joined w/ FB to say something. Now, I will say that I AM terrible with typos ( & general GRAMMAR), and will probably sound retarded, but I AGREE 1000.99%. My family and I were watching the Grammys; every time he was mentioned and performed ( if once wasn't enough, he performed TWICE), I just *ugh*,shuddered, and was mentally revolted. I have arguments with my OWN mother, whom(or who, said i was bad) also is a christian. I was raised Christian, yet disagree with my mother all the time about some thoughts on the subject. It makes me made when people automatically shove the issue to the side;nonetheless,elderly people who say, "Well, she isn't innocent because look at how shes dresses. She's so Vulgar". This is about the time I see red, and I yell, "That is NO different then saying someone "asked to be raped" COME ON!! WHAT THA *bleepety*!<--( I think that part; whereas, I might be angry, I don't disrespect elderly people) What are you SAYING? LISTEN TO YOURSELVES!!!" And then I have to stop speaking because I feel like I am just going to explode. My mom says, "It takes two to tango", but people still pick sides, and usually it IS "the woman's fault", and I just GO OFF!.... srry I ranted. X/ Also, I counter-argued with " Oh! She's Vulgar?! HE SHOWED HIS JUNK on the INTERNET... WILLING! Boasting about it!" ARGH!!!! That might not have been part of your argument, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you for those considerate words of wisdom, or at least what I think of as wisdom. I support it, fully! I'm right here with you wil!
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Feb 16, 2012