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Mark Anspach
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Your story invoked many thoughts about my times in the woods and mountains here in Colorado. We sighted people take so much for granted. I spend a lot of time hunting outdoors and find myself often training my senses on all aspects of my environment to cover many miles of terrain and elevation changes, detect signs of elk or other quarry with sight, smell, or touch, feel and see the weather conditions changing, feel the impact of my movement across the changing ground and protect my body from harm. I can think of many times when i pushed myself too hard and got into difficult areas at the end of a long day. The risks and perils can be great. I can't imagine tackling such intimacy with nature without vision and yet you do it all the time. I know many men who don't think of their hikes or hunts as a trust relationship with nature. But it can harm you if you do not respect it and handle yourself accordingly. When you learn how terrain flows in a region, you can often predict what lies ahead. That predictability also produces trust of sorts. Thanks for reminding me about something that matters in life.
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Nov 11, 2011