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Mark Hannan
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Ross is bleeding? I've read where Mr. Ross has 15 Billion in real estate holdings. Awake fellow Dolphin fans, this team is a toy and a tax write off for Ross. Waste no tears on the team. This is how he wants it. Protest. Stay home on gameday. Don't go there and spend 9 bucks on a Miller beer.
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At a time when our country's economy is doing so poorly, Mr. Ross has $15 billion in holdings.I question if the Dolphins are an investment or just a rich man's toy. I suspect the latter is true. Why are the seats empty? Which would any thinking person prefer. A comfortable couch, large screen TV and a full fridge,or overpriced ticket and NINE DOLLAR Miller beers. You would have to take me to Sun Life at gunpoint. This man cares ZERO about local residents and Dolphin fans. I feel your pain, but don't blame Sporano or Ireland. They are only paid pawns in his gameset colored with the glitter of the Fergies,Estefans,J-Los Etc. Fans of the Dolphins shouldn't get upset by losses and which player o
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Sep 22, 2011