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Mark Sicignano
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That really seems like a sweet PC. Now I've built PC's in the past. But let's say that I want to find a place that builds PC's for high performance like this one that I can just buy off the shelf. Most high performance PC sellers seem to be targeting the gaming market. I'm not a gamer. Just a developer that wants a PC that's SUPER fast so that I'm not finger tapping while waiting for a compile to finish or for a development too or browser to load. I asked the question over at StackOverflow and got totally smacked down. :-) So I ran back here with my tail between my legs. ;-) It's not as much the "time to assemble" that concerns me. It's the "time to research and decide what to buy" that will get me. I guess I can just copy your list of hardware and just make a clone and I won't be disappointed.
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2011 on Building a PC, Part VII: Rebooting at Coding Horror
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Sep 26, 2011